Europe: Unplugged

It’s been two weeks since I returned from my whirlwind tour of Europe, and it’s taken about that much time to recover from my time overseas. Continue reading

Country Highlight: Czech Republic

Never in my life would I have guessed that I’d be travelling to the Czech Republic. It was always one of those countries that remained on the periphery of my travel knowledge. Now, it’s one of the places on our itinerary that I’m most excited about. Continue reading

Country Highlight: Germany

To countdown to my departure for Europe, I’ll be using the next eight days to showcase the eight countries we’ll be visiting on our backpacking trip through Europe. To make things easy, I’ll be following our itinerary and will begin with our first destination, Germany. Guten tag! Continue reading

A Helluva Trip

In seventeen days I’ll be boarding an overnight flight at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, en route to Berlin, Germany. However, three days ago I realized my passport was about to expire. Continue reading