Toronto the Great: the City’s Island Residents

Take a short ferry ride across Toronto’s inner harbour, away from the downtown core of the city, and you’ll find a magical place that possesses the qualities of a fairy tale village. With picturesque, tree-lined avenues and cottages that could be taken from a story book, the communities located on Ward’s and Algonquin Islands are unlike any other within the city. Continue reading

National Aboriginal Day

Since 1996, June 21st has been marked on Canadian calendars as National Aboriginal Day (or NAD). This day was chosen by Aboriginal organizations and the Government of Canada as it corresponds with the summer solstice (and the longest day of the year). Continue reading

Toronto the Great: An Introduction

Toronto has adopted many names over the years — “Muddy York”, “The Big Smoke”, “Hogtown”, “TO”, “the T-dot”, “the T-dot-o-dot”, “Hollywood North”, and now “The 6ix”. Before Toronto became to be known as any of these aliases (and even “Toronto” for that matter), it was known as “The Town of York” and was the official capital of Upper Canada. Continue reading

A Day in Toronto with Robin Esrock and Ford Canada

I love driving. My father is a mechanic who races as a hobby, so to say I love driving is a bit of an understatement. I was born into driving and got my licence as soon as I possibly could after my sixteenth birthday. The first car I learned to drive in was a Ford Focus. Imagine my smirk when I was handed the keys to a 2015 Focus this weekend at an event with the carmaker.
Continue reading


Robin Esrock​’s at it again! To further celebrate his book, The Great Canadian Bucket List​, Robin will be embarking on another adventure with Ford Canada. This Saturday he’ll be kicking off his trip in Toronto, and guess who was lucky enough to be asked to join?? Continue reading

Zipcar + Meandering Mac

zipcar-logoToronto is a multi-faceted, world-class city that is known for many things. Growing up in its suburb of Scarborough, I’ve been lucky enough to experience most of these things first-hand. Whether it’s visiting the CN Tower or Fort York, catching a Blue Jays game, celebrity watching during TIFF, or wandering through the Distillery District, you can never really be bored in this city. Continue reading