Discover Ontario: Driving Hwy 6, An Introduction

Happy (belated) Canada Day, everyone! As the 1st of July fell on a Wednesday, a traditional long-weekend away to celebrate all things Canadian was out of the question for most people. However, I decided to make the best of a post-celebration weekend by rediscovering a few places in Ontario that I haven’t visited for at least a decade. Continue reading

Discover Ontario: Petroglyphs Provincial Park

In Canada, June 21st marks not only the summer solstice, but also National Aboriginal Day — a special day to celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples in Canada. During the next week I’ll be sharing some posts dedicated to First Nations sites and events within Toronto and Ontario. Continue reading

Meandering Mac Turns Two!

cakeIt’s my birthday!! Well, not my birthday, per se. Technically it’s Meandering Mac‘s birthday (or “blogaversary”, if you will). Two years ago today I published my first post as the buffalo-plaid traveller and since then I’ve spent every spare moment and cent that I’ve had travelling, writing, and living life. I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve seen some things, and if there’s one thing the past two years hasn’t been, it’s boring. Continue reading

Wayfarer: Elise Newman

eliseIt’s time for another co-worker! Within the company that I work for there’s a work abroad program that helps students and youth obtain international work visas and provides support once they’re abroad. Elise works for this arm of the company, and this is how I became lucky enough to have this quirky chick in my life. Continue reading

Wayfarer: Lindsay Siple

lindsay2Growing up, I knew Lindsay as Lindsay Davies, not Mrs. Siple. We went to the same elementary and high schools, played on the same sports teams (except in high school because I got lazy), attended the same sleepovers and birthday parties, and were obsessed with the same boy bands.  Continue reading

Wayfarer: Me!

amI’ve officially run out of Wayfarers to profile on this blog, so while I gather some more exciting traveller’s stories to share I thought I’d act as my own stand-in in the interim and answer the same questions I’ve been posing to others all these months. Continue reading

Wayfarer: Sarah McMullen

sarahmcI’ve known Sarah in one way or another for the majority of my life. Our elementary schools always played against each other in sports, so we were constantly seeing each other growing up. Then when high school came, Sarah and I became proper friends once we started to share classes. Now as adults, we swap travel stories.

Continue reading

Wayfarer: Tania Bloomfield

TaniaThis is a first for Fellow Wayfarers — I’m profiling one of the teachers from my high school. I unfortunately never had the chance of being taught by Ms. Bloomfield (it still feels wrong to call her by her first name, despite being out of high school for ten years), but I’ve always known about her travels. Continue reading

Wayfarer: Julie Gough

jgI think I’m just going to admit defeat now — I’ve come to terms with the fact that the majority of my Wayfarers are coworkers. I can’t help it, though. I’m surrounded by people who have been EVERYWHERE — I’m sure between the lot of them we can probably cover a good portion of the world. Continue reading

Wayfarer: Rachel Pentecostes

432314_10151118806572186_24208821_nFor this week’s edition of Wayfarer I decided to profile another co-worker of mine, because really, what better place for me to source Wayfarers than direct from the travel industry. Everyone, meet Rachel — my colleague of three years and go-to girl for a date at our neighbourhood sushi restaurant. Continue reading