Toronto the Great: the City’s Island Residents

Take a short ferry ride across Toronto’s inner harbour, away from the downtown core of the city, and you’ll find a magical place that possesses the qualities of a fairy tale village. With picturesque, tree-lined avenues and cottages that could be taken from a story book, the communities located on Ward’s and Algonquin Islands are unlike any other within the city. Continue reading

Toronto the Great: An Introduction

Toronto has adopted many names over the years — “Muddy York”, “The Big Smoke”, “Hogtown”, “TO”, “the T-dot”, “the T-dot-o-dot”, “Hollywood North”, and now “The 6ix”. Before Toronto became to be known as any of these aliases (and even “Toronto” for that matter), it was known as “The Town of York” and was the official capital of Upper Canada. Continue reading