Throwback Thursday: My First Camino Post

scallopshellAs of today I have only five more sleeps before I leave for Spain. Instead of throwing back to a previous trip, I decided to reshare a post I wrote back in October 2013 for this week’s TBT. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: The Seaforth Highlanders

This past Sunday my father and I spent the evening looking through old photo albums and documents. Thanks to the accessibility of information on the Internet, we recently made contact with some long-lost cousins in Scotland. This new family connection inspired me to get my Pops to haul out all of his parent’s belongings so we could reminisce about our heritage, and now I’d like to share with you some of my findings. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: A Belated Guyanese Christmas Brunch

tbt01I’m going to be a bit silly and throwback to only three weeks ago for this edition of TBT. Leading up to Christmas I noticed that a particular post I had written back in April was getting a lot of traffic. I had discussed the foods my family eats on Christmas Day, so it inspired me to document the event and share it with all of you. However, to add a touch of retro to this post, enjoy this picture of my sister and I on Christmas morning, circa 1988. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: San Francisco 2009

alamoSan Francisco has always been one of those destinations that have called out to me. Maybe it was my addiction to Full House as a child, or my love for cities by the sea, but for whatever reason it always held a spot on my mental list of “Cities I’m Dying to Visit”. During our cross-country road trip of 2009, I finally had a chance to see it in person. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Barbados 2011

bim9In early 2011 my cousin, Paul, and I were talking about going back to Barbados. I hadn’t been in nearly fifteen years and Paul, who was born there, had also been slacking in his visiting duties. His sister was getting married that year so for him this visit was a must. I decided to tag along for the ride, so in late May, Paul, his mother Carole, and I hopped on a plane and flew to our darling little coral island, affectionately known as Bim. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Mont Tremblant 2012

trem01The first time I visited Mont Tremblant I was around ten or eleven years old. I don’t remember much of that trip aside from working on puzzles with my friend, Abby, while we stayed in her aunt’s chalet. Last year I had the chance to revisit thanks to a regional work meeting being held in the ski resort town. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Guyana 1993

02It was the winter of 1993 and my mother, sister and I were joining our cousins on a trip back to the motherland — Guyana. We’d be spending the holidays in the South American country, travelling from the capital of Georgetown down south to the savannah of the Rupununi and Lethem. I was nine years old and had no clue what to expect. Continue reading