Travel Film Friday: “The Way”

the-wayI’ll admit right now that one of my favourite parts of going to a movie theatre is seeing the trailers for upcoming films. I can’t remember what movie I went to see when I first saw the trailer for The Way, but I do remember how I felt sitting in my seat, watching the preview for a film I knew would change my life. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “The Beach”

thebeachWhen The Beach first came out I became obsessed with both the film and its soundtrack. I was quickly attracted to its plot — a twenty-something American travels to Thailand on a solo trip, where he learns of a secret beach on a secluded island. Plus, I was fifteen or sixteen years old and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s the perfect combination for a boy-crazy, wanderlust girl such as myself. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “Y Tu Mamá También”

PICTUR~1Back in 2003 I came across a little gem of a movie that carved out a permanent place in my heart for Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal. Y Tu Mamá También was by far one of the most risqué movies I had seen, but it was also a coming-of-age road trip movie. You can’t go wrong with that. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

vcbIn 2011 Woody Allen directed a love letter to Paris of the 1920s with Midnight in Paris; in 2012 he gave us the quirky and hilarious To Rome with Love. Prior to these two gems, Allen presented us with 2008’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona. To me, these three movies create the perfect trifecta of Allen’s Europe. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “When Harry Met Sally”

sallyTomorrow evening I will be boarding an overnight bus to my home away from home — New York City. Diverting from my December Woody Allen theme for Travel Film Friday, I decided to honour my favourite happy place on this earth with a Rob Reiner film, When Harry Met Sally. It’s not a “travelling” film, per se, but it takes place in NYC. For me, that’s enough. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “To Rome With Love”

TO_ROME_WITH_LOVE_2012_TH_MLF-WW-artworkNever before have I ever been so confused yet very intrigued by a movie as I was with To Rome With Love. This is a movie I had to watch twice in a row just to get the whole story. It’s also one of those movies where every second moment some other famous face appears on-screen and you find yourself asking “Who ISN’T in this film?!”. Best of all though, it’s set in Rome. What other backdrop could you possibly ask for? Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “Midnight in Paris”

midnight-in-paris“This is unbelievable, look at this. There’s no other city like this in the world! There never was…Can you picture how drop-dead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Imagine this town in the ’20s –Paris in the ’20s — in the rain, the artists, the writers…” The opening lines to this film basically describe my entire infatuation with this city. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “The Descendants”

The_DescendantsIf there’s one movie I’ve watched enough times to be able to quote it, it’s The Descendants starring George Clooney. It may not feature a lot of travelling (aside from the island hopping that the family is forced to do), but it’s set in Hawaii. For me, that’s reason enough to feature this movie for this week’s Travel Film Friday. Anytime I need a break or a pick-me-up after a long day, this film is what I turn to for solace. Continue reading

Travel Film Friday: “One Week”

one_week_ver3In an effort to keep myself busy I’ve decided to pick one film a week to share with you all. These films will be travel-related and some of them are my absolute favourites. To begin this weekly tradition, I thought I’d highlight a little Canadian gem: One Week, starring Joshua Jackson.  Continue reading