Road Trip to Newfoundland

My ultimate goal as a Canadian and a traveller is to one day say I’ve visited every province and territory within our beautiful country. I’ve been lucky enough to see the country by train, from Toronto to Vancouver, and have spent some awesome quality time within British Columbia and Alberta. However, my only trip out East was made over a decade ago to Halifax, and the remaining Maritime provinces haven’t received an ounce of love from me to date. This will change next week. Continue reading

National Aboriginal Day

Since 1996, June 21st has been marked on Canadian calendars as National Aboriginal Day (or NAD). This day was chosen by Aboriginal organizations and the Government of Canada as it corresponds with the summer solstice (and the longest day of the year). Continue reading

A Day in Toronto with Robin Esrock and Ford Canada

I love driving. My father is a mechanic who races as a hobby, so to say I love driving is a bit of an understatement. I was born into driving and got my licence as soon as I possibly could after my sixteenth birthday. The first car I learned to drive in was a Ford Focus. Imagine my smirk when I was handed the keys to a 2015 Focus this weekend at an event with the carmaker.
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Robin Esrock​’s at it again! To further celebrate his book, The Great Canadian Bucket List​, Robin will be embarking on another adventure with Ford Canada. This Saturday he’ll be kicking off his trip in Toronto, and guess who was lucky enough to be asked to join?? Continue reading

A New Year Means New Trips!

Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I realize I’m about two months behind schedule, but better late than never. Aside from wishing you all a happy holiday season, I also missed celebrating a major milestone for this wee blog: surpassing 20,000 reads. Thanks guys!! Continue reading

Around the World in a Day: Glasgow and Little Britain

Despite being born on the first day of Spring, I love Fall. I especially love Fall in Ontario when all of the sugar maples are at their peak colour change and the air has that refreshing and oh-so-perfect amount of chill to it. Fall is definitely my favourite season, so what better time to start exploring my home province with my Zipcar rental then now. Continue reading

Hidden Heights in Banff National Park

Banff National Park holds the honour of being Canada’s oldest national park. Established in 1885, it covers 6,641 km2 of Canada’s Rocky Mountains and is neighbour to British Columbia’s Jasper and Kootenay National Parks. I’ve dedicated much of my travel time to this region of Canada over the last few years, though it would probably take me a lifetime of visits to even be satisfied with my personal percentage of ground covered.

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A Glacier Adventure

Our first day in the Rockies was packed with things to do: we had mountain tops to visit, lakes to see, and a good chunk of the Trans-Canada Highway to drive. Of all the things we had planned, one item on our itinerary had me particularly excited — taking Brewster Travel‘s Glacier Adventure in the Columbia Icefield. Continue reading

Lake Louise Ski Resort

There are certain places on this planet that seem to have been created as sanctuaries for us to find a sense of calm; places where you can escape the everyday and simply enjoy some natural beauty. At the very top of my personal list of sanctuaries is Lake Louise. It may be overrun with tourists, but it’s almost impossible to not become enraptured by its views. Continue reading

A Tour Through the Big Rock Brewery

When one thinks of Canadian beer, the big brewery names are usually the first ones to come to mind — Labatt, Molson, Sleeman. Dive in a little further and you can normally identify the smaller, yet still impressive breweries based on their regional reach: Moosehead, Alexander Keith’s, Steam Whistle, Grizzly Paw, or perhaps Okanagan Springs. When I think of beer from Alberta, one name comes to mind for me, and that is Big Rock Brewery.  Continue reading