Discover Ontario: An Introduction

My favourite method of travel has to be by car. Road tripping is one of my favourite pastimes, and everything about it makes me a happy girl. From planning a route, to packing a cooler, to making sure I have my pillow with me to get cozy with — riding in a car to a particular travel destination stirs up a great deal of excitement within me.

I’ve seen quite a bit of North America through this means of transportation. Back in 2009, some friends and I drove 10,000+ kilometers throughout the United States. I’ve also been on a number of smaller drives to Illinois, Ohio, and New York. This summer will see my biggest Canadian road trip to date — a drive east through five provinces to reach our final destination of Newfoundland. I’ll be writing about this upcoming trip as well, so stay tuned…

Road trips don’t always have to be epic, however. They can be day trips through the countryside, an overnight jaunt to a local favourite (such as Niagara Falls), or a quick weekend getaway to a neighbouring city. Being a native of Ontario has blessed me with all of these options. This province is HUGE, and with its size comes plenty of opportunities to discover new destinations.

In order to satisfy my wanderlust in between international trips (which will most likely be slowing down in number over the next few years), I’ve decided to pay homage to my beautiful and ever-varied home province by dedicating a series of posts to its discovery. After all, our provincial motto is:


I’ll be using this series to combine many of my personal interests, such as hiking, local history, camping, and nature. Also, these trips will be completed through car and motorcycle travel (there’s nothing quite like a ride through the open air on back country roads — I’m hooked to being on a bike now).

It’s looking to be a busy summer, but I’m going to visit as many spots as I can! I’ll be kicking things off this weekend with a hike through Hilton Falls Conservation Area in Milton. This area is part of the Niagara Escarpment and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s stunning. I also found out that Hilton Falls has “mysterious” remains of three 19th-century saw mills. I’m already geeking out 😉

Hilton Falls

I plan on turning this into a year-round venture because frankly, I can’t fit everything I’d like to see into one summer of exploration. So with that said, I’ll be doing constant trip research for this ongoing series. If anyone has any suggestions of sights or towns in Ontario that you think I should see, feel free to them pass on! In the meanwhile, keep an eye on my Instagram for up-to-date destination photos of wherever I end up.

If I get my way I’ll be seeing a lot of Ontario in the coming months! This is gearing up to be a series of fun adventures, so I hope you all join me as I discover this great province.

To whet your appetite, here’s a list of some of my ideas so far:

  1. A weekend stay in the Bruce Peninsula, visiting Tobermory and Flowerpot Island.
  2. The Cheltenham Badlands.
  3. A coastal tour of the Imperial Towers — six of the earliest lighthouses built on Lake Huron.
  4. A ferry ride over to the largest freshwater lake island in the world, Manitoulin Island and over to Espanola on the northern shore of Georgian Bay (as inspired by Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters)
  5. A tour of the northern shore of Lake Erie and all its port towns.
  6. Point Pelee National Park.
  7. Petroglyphs National Park.
  8. Algonquin Provincial Park in the autumn to capture images of the changing sugar maples.

Discovering Ontario is going to keep me busy!


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