Meandering Mac Turns Two!

cakeIt’s my birthday!! Well, not my birthday, per se. Technically it’s Meandering Mac‘s birthday (or “blogaversary”, if you will). Two years ago today I published my first post as the buffalo-plaid traveller and since then I’ve spent every spare moment and cent that I’ve had travelling, writing, and living life. I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve seen some things, and if there’s one thing the past two years hasn’t been, it’s boring.

This year I managed to cross off the #1 item on My Travel Bucket List, and I also added two new countries to my list of Places I’ve Visited. In two weeks I return to the Canadian Rockies, and if everything goes as planned, in mid-October I’ll be making a cross-border trip to a city I’ve always wanted to visit — Boston!!! After all that I’ll still have the last two months of 2014 to play with!

I’m so grateful for all the new experiences I’ve gained since I took to the keys as Mac. I’m also grateful for the reawakened love I feel for my Canadian home turf. Up until two years ago, all I wanted to do was go abroad. Now, all I hear is the call of the Canadian wild, and all I can think of are ideas for trips within this beautiful country — the Yukon? Les Îles de la Madeleine? Gros Morne National Park? Haida Gwaii? The possibilities are endless. I’m predicting that my Canuck pride will become quite prominent in the foreseeable future.


And on that note, I have some exciting news to share!

While I was dreaming up all the Canadian adventures I could have, I realized that there is no better place for me to start my explorations than in my home province of Ontario. So, within the next few weeks I’ll be taking off on a day trip to discover towns that I’ve never visited, let alone knew existed (that’s what happens when you grow up in The Big Smoke — you tend to forget about the little guys).

For this piece I decided to follow a theme: towns in Ontario that share a name with an international destination. I’m calling it “Around the World in a Day”. I’ve gone through a complete list of all the towns in my province and picked out the names that have twins elsewhere in the world. For example: Siberia, Ontario. Did you know that Ontario has a Siberia? I didn’t!

From this list I created a few different itineraries that I could follow that would allow for a pleasant day of Sunday driving. Now, all I have to do is decide where I want to go…

However, I am missing the most important piece of the puzzle for these plans — wheels. I love driving, and I especially love road trips, but I don’t own a car. So, I called up my friends at Zipcar Toronto and invited them out for a drive through the countryside. I can’t wait to share our adventure with you!

Grey Zipcar Logo with Tagline - Transparent for Web

The next month is going to be jam-packed with new adventures, but I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my blog’s second birthday than with more travelling. Keep an eye out for posts on all of these trips, plus more on Zipcar and the other companies that are helping me along the way.

But for now, I tip my hat to you all as I thank you for seeing me through my first two years. This weekend I’ll be enjoying a night of camping in Ontario’s Algonquin Park (one of my all-time favourite places on earth), so while I sit by the campfire and enjoy a bottle of some fine Canadian beer, I’ll cheers you all and this particular anniversary of mine. I’ll even bring Hamish with me, so you can probably expect a post of pictures once I’m back home.

Cheers to two years! Here’s to many more!

PS: Now that I’m counting UP in years for my blog, does that mean I get to count DOWN for my years of age? Just a thought…


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