Wayfarer: Lindsay Siple

lindsay2Growing up, I knew Lindsay as Lindsay Davies, not Mrs. Siple. We went to the same elementary and high schools, played on the same sports teams (except in high school because I got lazy), attended the same sleepovers and birthday parties, and were obsessed with the same boy bands. 

Basically, I’ve known her forever.

Now, Linsday is in fact Mrs. Siple, with two beautiful little girls and a hubby she’s been with since high school (you don’t see that happening a lot these days!). She also has her own blog, The ELM Life, dedicated to fashion, home décor, organization and DIY.

Lindsay has travelled with and without kids, and as the first Wayfarer with children, it’s interesting to hear how that changes the dynamics of travel planning and the overall experience.

Seriously though, her baby girls are gorgeous. They could be Gerber babies (Linds, get on that 😉 )

What countries have you visited? In addition to travelling within Canada, I’ve also visited the US, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar.

What is your favourite place to visit? For me it isn’t so much about the destination as much as the people I travel with. Having someone close to you to share the experience with makes it that much more special. That being said, I love travelling with my husband. Since we have been together since I was only seventeen, the majority of the travelling I have done has been with him and he’s an awesome travel companion! Within the last few years, we’ve also done some travelling with our two young kids (ages 3 ½ and almost 2).  It is great to be able to share these opportunities our girls and introduce them to new cultures, landscapes and people, different from what we experience every day. Recently my eldest asked me if we could go back to Jamaica. If only it were that easy!

What’s one thing you’ve learned from your travels? I am a total Type A personality and a planner by nature. While there is definitely an element of preparation involved in travel, having everything planned out to the final detail isn’t ideal. You can miss out on spur of the moment activities that can be great experiences or it can stress you out if something goes wrong (like missing your train or losing your luggage) and it impacts the rest of your day or even your trip!

What’s one thing you must always bring with you on a trip? My cliché answer is a camera. It is great to be able to document my travel experiences so I can take a trip down memory lane whenever I feel like it. I also keep mementos from all of my travels like plane tickets, brochures, attractions tickets, etc. While they’re all currently sitting in a box somewhere, one day I’m going to make a travel scrapbook. You know those machines that flatten your pennies and imprint them with some touristy picture from where you are? I have a lot of those!

My non-cliché answer is a deck of cards. They are compact enough to carry in a small bag but can provide hours of entertainment during any down time you may encounter. They are also a great way to make friends while travelling!

What are the top three destinations on your travel bucket list? My travel aspirations have shifted slightly since having kids. I want to share my travel experiences with my girls but I also have to factor in the safety of our family, the amount of hassle that’s involved with travelling with young kids, and experiences that everyone will enjoy! The first destination on my travel bucket list is a Disney Cruise down to the Bahamas. Did you know that Disney has its own private island down there? That’s where I want to go! We’re hoping to do that trip in the spring of 2015. The next destination is San Diego. There are so many kid-friendly activities there — from the zoo to the aquarium to the amusement parks, I think I may have more fun that the girls! The last place on my bucket list is Hawaii. That will be for me and the hubby when the girls get older!

What’s the craziest thing to have happened to you while on a trip? When I was in university, I took a trip to Mexico City with my volleyball team to play down there. After checking in to our hotel, I came to the realization that I had left my purse in a cab. While I had my passport on me, my wallet was in the purse with all of my ID and about $300 in cash. Thankfully, my coach spoke Spanish and was able to track the purse from the cab company to the Mexican police.  When he went to pick the purse up, the local authorities wanted money before they would give it back! I had to pay them $50! It was a little sketchy down there!



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