Throwback Thursday: The Seaforth Highlanders

This past Sunday my father and I spent the evening looking through old photo albums and documents. Thanks to the accessibility of information on the Internet, we recently made contact with some long-lost cousins in Scotland. This new family connection inspired me to get my Pops to haul out all of his parent’s belongings so we could reminisce about our heritage, and now I’d like to share with you some of my findings.

In pouring over the old sepia photos and aged papers I came across a photo of my grandfather, William (aka Mac), that really stood out for me. In the photo he’s only eighteen years old and is dressed in full army uniform.


Mac was part of the Seaforth Highlanders of Scotland and fought in the trenches of France during WWI. Back in November I wrote a Remembrance Day post which details more about his involvement in the war effort and his regiment, but now that I have these photos I thought I’d share them as a throwback.

Here’s another photo I found, showing his entire regiment (Mac’s in the front row, reclining like a boss):


I’m so proud of my grandfather and what he did at such a young age. I’m honoured to carry on both his last name and his nickname, and even gave myself a permanent reminder of his courage last year for my birthday:


Not going to lie, Dad got a little verklempt when he first saw my tribute to his father.

There’s going to be a few more research sessions so I can properly document our family history, so I think it’s safe to say more future editions of TBT will be dedicated to what I find 🙂


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