Throwback Thursday: Cuba 2012

c13Today’s TBT was inspired by yesterday’s Wayfarer post. I had mentioned a trip to Cuba that Sarah and I had taken with a group of our friends, and it made me nostalgic for that time we spent living it up in the sun. Also, it’s been so bloody cold in Toronto that I needed to remember what warmth actually felt like.

My best friend, Lauren (whom I’ve mentioned an innumerable amount of times on this blog), was home from Australia for her sister’s wedding. In prior years we had begun a tradition of going away for a week while she’s on leave from Oz, so we decided to continue on down that road and organized a trip for ourselves. This time, though, we thought it best to bring a shit ton of people with us.

We travelled with such a random and varied group of friends that it made the trip that much more interesting: four of us went to high school together, Lauren’s boyfriend accompanied her from Australia and joined us in Cuba, his friend came along (whom he met while backpacking in Eastern Europe many years ago), my cousin joined in last-minute, my former co-worker jumped aboard, and then finally, her friend as well. It might have been a little awkward at first, but any inhibitions that were felt at the beginning were entirely gone by the end. A week of drinking and swimming will do to that you.

This trip made my cousin and I even closer, it created new friendships, and it solidified the decade’s worth of lovin’ shared by us West Hill CI girls. The only thing I regret is not wearing enough sunblock. Ugh.



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