Wayfarer: Amanda Kwong

37407_425396890928_6398602_nIt may seem like I’m poaching all of my co-workers for content for my weekly Wayfarer posts, but when you’re surrounded by awesome people with wicked travel stories and experience, you can’t help but want to write about them. Amanda is one of these people.

Amanda and I have only known each other for about seven months now, but in the time that’s passed we’ve bonded over many things. Learning about how she left home at just nineteen years old to go chase her dreams abroad, I became envious of her bravery and gumption. Hearing about her various journeys has inspired me to stop making excuses for myself and to chase my own dreams like she did (plus, when she knows that something should be done she bluntly tells you to do it, and reminds you of it everyday). She’s even been able to put up with my pirate mouth on the rare occasion I have an episode at work. Hell, she even joins in sometimes.

1. What countries have you visited? The United States, New Zealand, Italy, France, China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Egypt, Tanzania, Ecuador, Thailand and Cambodia. I have also worked/lived in: Australia, Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya.

2. What is your favourite place to visit? I don’t really have a favourite. Every destination has offered completely unique experiences.

3. What’s one thing you’ve learned from your travels? People are generally good. There are some shitty people out there, but most of the time people try to do the right thing and help when they can.

4. What’s one thing you must always bring with you on a trip? My pillow. I can’t sleep on anything else.

5. What are the top three destinations on your travel bucket list? Jordan, the Galapagos and Mongolia.

6. What’s the craziest thing to have happened to you while on a trip? I don’t know. I sound much more interesting on paper than I am in real life.*

*and this is where I have to interject. A few months ago Amanda told me a story about when she lived in Australia. She worked as a cowgirl (yes, an actual wrangler) in the Northern Territory, and part of her job involved having to castrate the male cows. One day, Amanda had an accident with the scalpel and ended up slicing her hand open. She then chose to dump her hand in a bucket of not-so-clean antiseptic wash, which caused her entire hand to get infected. She still has the scar to prove it.



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