Travel Film Friday: “The Beach”

thebeachWhen The Beach first came out I became obsessed with both the film and its soundtrack. I was quickly attracted to its plot — a twenty-something American travels to Thailand on a solo trip, where he learns of a secret beach on a secluded island. Plus, I was fifteen or sixteen years old and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s the perfect combination for a boy-crazy, wanderlust girl such as myself.

Directed by Danny Boyle, The Beach also costars Robert Carlyle, Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet (amongst a huge cast of other actors). It’s the perfect dystopian film set in a beautiful and entrancing location.


The story basically goes like this: Richard (DiCaprio), travels to Bangkok and is quickly dissatisfied by how touristy it is. At his hostel he befriends a man named Daffy (Carlyle), who seems a bit whackadoo. The very next morning he wakes up to find a map pinned to his door, and Daffy dead by suicide. Realizing that the map shows the way to a mysterious island that he’s been hearing rumours about, he tells the only other two people he’s met at the hostel — a French couple, Francoise (Ledoyen) and Etienne (Canet). They decide to seek out this island and its idyllic beach.

I’m not providing any spoilers here when I tell you that they succeed in their search. What I won’t tell you is what they find or how the film ends.

b3I will share this quote with you though, taken from the beginning of the film. As soon as I heard it, I had to write it down:

“And as for travelling alone? Fuck it. If that’s the way it has to be then that’s the way it is.”

I absolutely love it.



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