In Honour of a Fellow Traveller

During my lunch break today I came across a post from Go, See, Write on Facebook. Michael Hodson, the genius behind this amazing travel blog, shared an article written for BootsnAll (another awesome resource for travellers) by a gentleman named Tristan Cano. The title immediately caught my attention:

Facing Death: Why One Man Travels to Embrace Life

Intrigued, I read it and quickly became absorbed into this man’s story. In November of 2012 at the age of 32, Tristan was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Vowing not to let the cancer stop him, Tristan lived life to the fullest, using the time in between treatments to travel, get married, and write.

After I finished the article I did a search on Tristan as there was mention that he had a blog of his own. I wanted to follow his journey, to hear his travel stories and to, in any way I could, cheer him in on his battle. “We’re only a few years apart.” I thought to myself. Reading his article made me realize that your life can drastically change at any moment. I was inspired by his courage and tenacity.

Through my search I found his Twitter and his blog, but I noticed something: the article I read was written in September, and his social media accounts didn’t have any recent posts on them. Despite not knowing this person, I feared the worse.

I continued searching, then I found what I hoped I wouldn’t — a letter of condolences from a news station in Gibraltar, Tristan’s hometown. The letter was from December 31, 2013. Tristan’s battle ended before the new year even began.

I want to send my condolences to Tristan’s new wife, his family and friends. I may have never met you, I may have only discovered your story today, but in the wake of Tristan’s death please know that his story has inspired me in ways beyond measure. To honour his life, as well as all of yours for enriching his, I will continue the chain of sharing and have included the link to his article below.

RIP Tristan. May your dreams of travel continue to be fulfilled.

Read Tristan’s article here.


Photo sourced from Tristan’s original article on BootsnAll.


7 thoughts on “In Honour of a Fellow Traveller

  1. I am Tristan’s sister-thanks for this, it means a lot to us! I wish you many travels,adventures and a very long life to be able to do this 🙂

    • Hi Sharon. I had no idea that this post would ever reach anyone in Tristan’s life, but I’m glad that you found it. I’m touched that you reached out. Please give your family my condolences. I actually just learned of a friend’s passing just a few hours ago, so your words are affecting me quite a bit right now. Thank you for your kindness. I’ll make sure to live life fully in honour of those who no longer can. Take care and feel free to keep in touch. Xx

      • Hi Ashley

        A friend of mine just forwarded me this entry in your blog.

        I’m Tristan’s brother and like Sharon I too feel touched by your words and happy he inspired people beyond those he met.

        I’m sorry also to hear of your own loss. My condolences and thoughts are with you too.

        Take care


  2. Thanks so much for this Ashley, brought a tear to my eye and i can tell you there’s been more than a few of those shed over the last few days. I’m fortunate enough to have been counted among one of Tristan’s very many close friends. They say that sometimes you have to lose something first to truly appreciate it, but with Tris you knew you were lucky to have him in your life even before the diagnosis. He’d have been thrilled to know his story was inspiring others, even people he never met. There’s not many of us will ever be able to say that! Thanks again, and all the best.

    • Hi Ed. He definitely sounded like a great person. I could tell by how he wrote. He seemed very passion driven and full of life. Cry as much and as hard as you need to. Sometimes it’s all you can do. All the best to you as well. My heart goes out to you all.

  3. Tristan would have loved seeing his article get all this attention – too bad you didn’t find it sooner! I think of it as ‘our story’ as we experienced it all so completely together. Glad it is touching people we’ve never met.
    – the new wife

    • Hi Samantha. I do regret not finding the story when it was written, but I’m thankful that it eventually made its way into my life. Thank you for replying. My heartfelt condolences to you during this time and big hugs from Toronto xx

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