Wayfarer: Lizzie Grimshaw

304338_10152120030960224_479512790_nEveryone, meet Lizzie, one of my co-workers. Lizzie and I first became acquainted when she joined our travel agency as Manager about a year and a half ago. Since then, she’s become a great friend and the provider of endless laughs.

Lizzie has been working in the travel industry for a number of years now and seems to know everything there is about the ins and outs of travel planning (I’ve gone to her on more than one occasion to look something up for me). In the little time that I’ve known her, Lizzie has gone on at least three trips, including a visit to one of my favourite cities in the world, New Orleans (woman even went to a Saints game…so jealous).

This brave lady has also done some very adventurous things that I could probably never bring myself to do, like skydiving and the CN Tower Edgewalk. She’s outgoing, has a hidden cache of snide, deadpan remarks (that are often pulled out when you least expect it) and we also recently discovered that both of our grandfathers fought with the Seaforth Highlanders. I knew there was a reason I liked her right off the bat 😉

Here’s a fun fact about Lizzie that I didn’t learn until I’d known her for months: she spent a portion of her childhood in England. You wouldn’t know it because there’s no trace of an accent when she speaks, however put a few pints in her and you’ll likely be able to get a sampling.

1. What countries have you visited? Canada, USA (Nevada, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, NY), the UK and Ireland including the Isle of Man, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, Netherlands and more!

2. What is your favourite place to visit? I really can’t pick. I probably have a top five though: UK/Isle of Man because I used to live there, have family there, and some of my best friends in the world are there; Cyprus because I went there with my family when I was younger and when the country was still very divided. It is so unique and beautiful; Cabo San Lucas in Mexico because that is where I met my love and the nightlife can’t be beat!!; Italy, particularly Tuscany. Ridiculous food, amazing people and one of the best museums I have ever set foot in. Need I say more?!; Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. I love this place!! It’s the perfect mix of laid back beach bums and high society and everyone hangs out together in perfect harmony! Love, love, love it!

3. What’s one thing you’ve learned from your travels? Go with the flow and attempt to be local! No matter how much you want to, you can’t control anything in life but yourself. Things will inevitably go wrong or at least, not go as planned. Trains are late, flights are delayed, bags get lost… I get lost! Go with the flow and just remember that it’s all part of the experience. By ‘attempt to be local’ I mean, try your best to communicate with the locals in THEIR LANGUAGE! Learning a few phrases such as “Please”, “Thank You”, “Where is…?” etc. can go a very long way and people are more inclined to help you. We don’t expect every person who comes to Canada to speak perfect English and I’m always surprised when people complain to me that people in other countries speak in a different language. It’s their native tongue. They don’t have to speak English to you!

4. What’s one thing you must always bring with you on a trip? Depends on the trip! I’m what I like to call “Low-High Maintenance” so I like to have some of my creature comforts with me like my hair dryer! The hair dryers in hotels are never good enough. Oh, and a camera! Always a camera!

5. What are the top three destinations on your travel bucket list? Hmmmm…I actually have four. Paris with my love, South Africa, Hawaii, and some small, ridiculous, over the top island destination such as the Seychelles, Mauritius, or Pape’ete in French Polynesia.

6. What’s the craziest thing to have happened to you while on a trip? I met my love, who happened to be my roommate’s very first boyfriend in grade three. She hadn’t seen him in years and it wasn’t until after we returned to Canada that I found out the connection. She wasn’t with me on the trip and between he and I, she was our only ‘mutual friend’ on Facebook. Meant to be.



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