Matador, Why Must You Tempt Me So?

whale2In my downtime I like to read through the posts on Matador Network to remind myself how awesome travel writers are and to remain inspired to travel in general. Today on my lunch break, I came across a post about swimming with Humpback whales in Tonga. Cue: yet another item to add to my Travel Bucket List.

What the what?! I didn’t even know this was an option!! I’ve already looked into how much this costs, and although it’s a pretty penny, I would be willing to work three jobs just to be able to afford this. It’s in the South Pacific (which I am emphatically obsessed with) and YOU GET TO SWIM WITH WHALES. Life. Fulfilled.


One day, somehow, that person in the picture donning snorkel gear while they leisurely swim beside those gentle giants, will be me. I have a fear of open water, so that may get in the way, but I’m sure that I’ll quickly forget about it once I’m within meters of these beautiful creatures.

I now need to find myself a piggy bank shaped like a whale. Also, I would have to finally invest in the GoPro camera I’ve been lusting over for months now.

Here’s the video that captivated me and made me add this to my bucket list without hesitation. I apologise if it seems like a Canon commercial, but it’s totally worth watching.


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