Throwback Thursday: My Moose Tour 2012

img_1445I know it’s not much of a “throwback” considering it’s only been a year since this trip happened, but this Throwback Thursday marks the one year anniversary of my trip with Moose Travel Network, so I couldn’t pass up on the perfect timing.

These photos don’t correspond to the series of events that took place during our tour, but I hope that they encapsulate the fun we had overall. If you’d like to read up on our day-to-day escapades, check out my posts on Moose Travel Network here.

To my Moose Mates — miss you, you crazy ****s.

IMG_1424 IMG_1331 IMG_1212 IMG_1222 IMG_1198 IMG_1144 IMG_1126 IMG_1086 IMG_0931 IMG_0967 IMG_0993 IMG_0916 IMG_0890 IMG_0852 IMG_0797 IMG_0800 IMG_0726 IMG_0574 IMG_0531 IMG_1001 James  Lin Glen Diane



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