Robin Esrock’s “The Great Canadian Bucket List”

RobinWhen it comes to inspirational people in the world of travel writing, I can’t think of a better example than Robin Esrock. An accomplished traveller (he’s visited over one hundred countries on six continents), Robin decided it was time to tackle the vast expanse that is Canada and has now published his first book on the topic of Canadian travel,The Great Canadian Bucket List.

I’ve personally looked up to this man since I discovered his show, Word Travels, and had the honour of meeting him last year during my first trip to Vancouver. Robin had just come from speaking at a TEDx talk (the world’s largest TEDx event to date, might I add), and I had the pleasure of accompanying him, his wife and his good friend Sean Aiken for drinks and a chat. I walked away that evening feeling so purpose-filled it was ridiculous (and of course I wrote about it…check it out here).

Robin’s now back on the road, driving across the country to promote his new book. He’s hitting up pratically every major city between Victoria and Ottawa, so if he’s coming to your town don’t miss the opportunity to hear him talk about his travel experiences and the concept of bucket lists. Plus, there’s going to be Q&A sessions and book signings. If you can make it, I strongly suggest you attend so you too can experience first-hand the spitfire that is Robin Esrock. For a full listing of Robin’s scheduled events, click here.


You can also “like” The Great Canadian Bucket List on Facebook to follow Robin as he blogs from the road.

Get yourself a copy of this book, come out to meet Robin, and get inspired to discover the beauty within our great nation.


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