BC & Alberta, Part 5: Slocan

If you want to get away from the world and be surrounded by nothing but mountains and lakes, visit Slocan. Our stay in this tiny town lasted only two nights, and it was the most remote and cut-off I’ve felt in years.

We spent our only full day there with Heather’s daughter Harlow, who was adamant about guiding us to a local waterfall. Harlow led the way, warning us that we had to cross a bridge that “has sleeping trolls underneath”. That waterfall looked so refreshing that I was tempted to wade in one of its crystal-clear pools. However, being a mountain-fed river, it was too cold for my liking.

Once we were finished with our hike (all appendages and lives in tact as we were careful not to disturb the mythical trolls), we went to the local beach so Harlow and Shannon could go for a dip in the frigid waters of Slocan Lake. Meanwhile, Harlow’s father and I were relaxing in the sand, propped up against a log, enjoying some cold beer. It was the first time in a long while that I just sat back, relaxed, and did nothing. And it was brilliant.

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I couldn’t tell you how long we were at the beach for, but by the time we left I had a bit of a sunburn. We returned to Heather’s house for another epic dinner (honestly, Heather’s food was the best we had the entire trip), then lazed around for the evening. We enjoyed some wine, listened to some guitar playing, had some good girl talk…it was a great way to end our stay in Slocan.


We had to leave pretty early the next day as we had a seven hour drive to Banff, so by late evening we were packing up and getting ready for our morning departure. As we were settling in for bed we could hear the sounds of a rock/blues band playing at a Canadian Legion hall down the road, and it sounded like the entire town was in attendance. I slowly fell asleep to the music, listening to the riffs of the blues guitar dancing through the night. It was such a good moment. It was almost as if the band was playing lullabies to help me get to sleep. That or the wine was taking full effect. Meh.


One thought on “BC & Alberta, Part 5: Slocan

  1. Very nice pictures and story about the lower Springer Creek area. You may be interested to know for your next visit about the small but incredibly beautiful canyon above the highway. Some pictures on springercreekrestoration.wordpress.com.

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