Calling All Female Travel Writers!

Hello everyone! I wanted to get the word out on an exciting project that I’ve become involved with.

A few months ago I came across @girlsthattravel on Twitter and discovered that they were putting together a book of short stories written by female travellers, called A Girls’ Guide to Travelling Alone. They were looking for ladies who had ventured off on solo trips and wanted to share their experiences.

I immediately became interested as the opportunity seemed right up my alley, so I wrote a piece about by my cross-country trip (the very trip that inspired this blog), and guess what? They actually liked it! 🙂

I wanted to write a post about these ladies because they’re still accepting submissions for the book. If any of my fellow, female travel writers out there have a story you’d like to share, get on it! The deadline for submission has now been extended to January 31, 2014.

Check out their Facebook page, get inspired, and get writing!



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