The City With A Vice-Grip On My Heart

68070_10101445140698532_1091914692_nI wouldn’t say I have an addictive personality, per se, but once I find something I love I tend to throw myself wholeheartedly into it. This applies to many different facets of my life. It can be a favourite author (like Sherman Alexie or Richard Van Camp); a favourite musician or band (I can listen to the full discography of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on loop for days on end); an artist or style of artwork (I went through a period in high school where I continuously reproduced the works of Keith Haring and the Haida of the Northwest Coast); and yes, this can even apply to travel and the discovery of favourite regions or cities. It’s happened with New York, resulting in yearly trips since 2009. It has now also happened with Vancouver, the city that now has a vice-grip on my heart.

Over the past few weeks I’d been suffering from a bad case of Vancouver withdrawal. I don’t know what it is about that city, but since my first trip last October I’ve been feeling the need to return every four to six months. I was frantically trying to fit in a quick visit before my friend Shannon and I went to Ireland, but as the weeks passed I became a tad stressed from trying to figure out how to cover the costs for both trips.

I was having a bad day last Friday and was in need of some girl time, so I met Shanny after work and eventually we got to talking about our Ireland trip. During the conversation I could sense some trepidation from both of us. We had both been stupidly excited about our trip from the onset, but over the past few weeks it just started to feel like bad timing.

We eventually came to the realization that we have to put our Ireland trip on the back-burner. Cost and time needed off work were the major players in that decision. Unfortunately, sometimes shit happens, and those of us without a bottomless wallet have to face the reality that travel can be pricey at times (especially trans-Atlantic flights in high season).

However, we were still feeling the need and urge to travel.

Emboldened by my West Coast craving, I suggested that we do a road trip in BC instead. Shannon’s visited Vancouver Island a few years ago, but outside of that hasn’t seen much of the province. Plus, she also has a close friend that moved to BC and seemed to be missing just as much as I miss VanCity.

It didn’t take long for us to do it, but within minutes of deciding to hold off on Ireland we were already looking up travel details for BC instead. And thus is the way of life for one with the travel bug.

Nothing is booked yet and only a rough itinerary has been planned, but we do know we’ll be flying out on August 28th — exactly six weeks from today!!

I love driving and I will always be a sucker for road trips. I cannot wait to drive through those BC mountains!


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