Live Below the Line, Round 2: The Final Day

It’s only taken me twenty days to finally write about the wrap up of my Live Below the Line challenge. I vividly remember the mood I was in the last time I wrote a post, and I think that last week of the challenge scarred me, resulting in a three-week recovery period.

And you know what? I still can’t eat sushi. Or rice.

I’d love to say that I’ve altered my spending habits, but unfortunately I fell right back into the daily routine of buying my lunch and sporadic coffees throughout the day. However, I am going grocery shopping after work tonight, and although I don’t have a budget of only $8.75 for five days of food, I will be diligent in applying my LBL skills to tonight’s purchases. Hell, maybe I’ll walk over to Chinatown on my lunch break and get some of the same deals I scored for my last LBL grocery shop. $0.32/lb for sweet potatoes?? Yes please!

Although my challenge came to a miserable end, I am happy that I pushed myself to do it in the first place. I’m excited to participate again next year and next time I think I’m going to do it for one month straight. I now have the knowledge of what to do and what NOT to do (like live on sushi for two weeks), and where to shop and what to buy. In the end, it’s totally worth it. Knowing that we collectively surpassed the fundraising goal for Raising the Village, which allowed fundraising to begin for yet another village on their roster, is by far the biggest reward anyone can attain from this challenge.

LBLCA and RTV, thank you for your support, motivation and inspiration. I am looking forward to working with you again next year and continuing the success of the Live Below the Line challenge in Canada.


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