Live Below the Line, Round 2: Days 9 to 11

The past few days have gone by in a blur, filled with very little food and a crap ton of accounting. I actually think I’ve trained myself to physically manage a daily fast, or to at least survive a day with very limited food.

The last time I wrote about how my LBL challenge was going, I summed up how Monday was. I mentioned how lazy I had become with my food prep, and how I needed to make more sushi rice. Well, today is now Thursday and I can honestly say I didn’t make anymore rice until last night. It took me three days to remake the main component of my menu. Just goes to show how tired of rice I am.

In the interim I’ve been slowing picking away at the veggies used to fill my sushi. One day I had nothing but an apple and some cucumber. Today I had to endure a 12 hour fast to prepare for some blood work that I needed to get done (I’m actually sitting in my doctor’s waiting room right now).

Last night I was finally able to eat something substantial again and fixed myself some sweet potato and mango maki, however I actually regretted it about 20 minutes later when my stomach started to feel upset. I don’t think I’ll be eating rice for a very, very long time.

I miss coffee, and leafy greens, and yes, beer. I have one more day to go and I’ll be facing a big challenge at the very end of it: baking some birthday goodies for my buddy, Carlo. Imagining the smells that are soon to waft from my oven are making my stomach growl (I hope the old man sitting beside me doesn’t hear).

I’m tired, I’m getting a little hangry, and my patience is running very thin right now. One more day to go…only one more day…


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