Live Below the Line, Round 2: Day 8

I have become very lazy in my LBL ways and still haven’t made another batch of sushi rice yet. Because of this, I lived off of an apple, a mango, and a few bites of an avocado on Monday. I tried drinking as much water as I could, but by 3pm or so I hit my usual wall.

The spreadsheets I was reviewing took extra effort to make sense, and I developed a bad case of memory lapse, often forgetting what I was doing or what fact or figure I had just looked at.

Although the food I ate was nutritious, the lack of a substantial amount of this nutrition made me feel like I was in a fog. This second round of LBL is definitely solidifying for me what it’s like for those who have to put up with this foggy feeling everyday.

The rice may have upset my stomach, but at least it filled me up and provided me with enough energy to last the day. No wonder rice is a staple for most people who have to live in extreme poverty.

Today is now Tuesday and I’m currently on my way to work with nothing but a container of cucumber and an apple to get me through the day. Making more rice is the first thing I’m going to do once I’m home this evening. Let’s hope I’m not too tired to write about how my day went.

Eight days down, four more to go.


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