Live Below the Line, Round 2: Days 6 & 7

I’ve noticed a trend with my Live Below the Line habits: around day six I get so tired of what I’ve been eating that I start consuming less and look at my food like it’s a chore. The general enjoyment that comes from satiating your hunger gets muddled by the thought of “Cripes, do I really have to eat more of this?”. Even with one of my favourite foods, sushi, this feeling of resentment has kicked it.

The rice that I had been eating all week had genuinely upset my stomach. When I had to wake up for my weekend bakery job on Saturday, I had no desire to prepare my sushi lunch. Instead, I decided to have a “fast” day to try to give my tummy a break from the sticky rice. I don’t usually bring a lunch to the bakery and instead drink copious amounts of coffee, so the no food situation wasn’t a drastic change by any means. However, by fasting and drinking plenty of water I seemed to have helped my stomach situation. By the end of my shift I was actually feeling ten times better than I was the day before.

That night I had plans to go to a BBQ that my friend, Abby, had been invited to by her co-worker. Abby was hesitant to ask me to go with her, knowing that I was doing LBL again. She feared that being surround by food, people eating food, and the food smells wafting off the BBQ would drive me nuts. To prepare me for the evening, she invited me to her apartment beforehand so that she could serve me a bowl of miso that she had made especially for me, following LBL guidelines (she even left out the tofu and nori to keep the costs down). Now that’s true friendship.

I have to admit that by this point in the evening my energy levels were down, but that miso warmed me up and helped me feel better. The BBQ didn’t bother me in the least bit, and we even went dancing with the group afterwards.

I learned how different it can be to go to a bar/club and remain sober throughout the night. Being at a club and not being able to drink actually opens your eyes to the different dynamics floating around amongst the groups of people. I became more of a people watcher, and tried my best to just enjoy myself as we danced. However, when you’re not inebriated but are surrounded by those who are, you get distracted by how silly some people actually look when they’re doing their drunken dance moves.

We didn’t end up going to bed until 3:30am. How I lasted that long on nothing but miso and water is beyond me. I woke up the next morning with a new sense of hunger that I hadn’t felt all week. This might sound weird, but it was sort of satisfying to feel that hunger again. I no longer felt sluggish because of the monotonous diet I had been living off of, and I knew that it wasn’t a “psychological” hunger (i.e. like that which results from boredom). I was experiencing true hunger.

I had previously made plans with my aunts, Mariese and Carole, to spend Sunday with them and my niece, Suriyah. With my tummy grumbling I made my way back to the eastern end of the city to Carole’s house. There, I ate my first meal in fifteen hours — bread with a slight touch of butter. Basic, yet satisfying and CHEAP.

Once I was refueled on carbs from the bread, we took Suriyah to a splash pad nearby and spent the day relaxing in the shade, playing with Suri in the water, and enjoying the beautiful weather. I went home that night completely pooped. I was so tired that I didn’t even make another batch of sushi rice for this week.

I decided that I’m going to reduce the amount of rice I’m eating for the remaining days of the challenge. My stomach just cannot take it. Instead, I’m going to be relying more on the veggies I had bought to fill the sushi. I have plenty of cucumber and sweet potato left, so maybe I’ll make little meals out of those and just have a sushi roll for dinner. That sounds like a better plan to me.

Five more days to go!


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