Throwback Thursday: Italy & France 2003

This post marks the inauguration of Throwback Thursday here on Meandering Mac, and with it I decided to share a trip that I went on almost ten years ago to the day: a journey to Italy and France with my highschool classmates. This trip was my first foray into Europe, and in order to get there I had to sell the only car I’ve ever owned. The car would have died by now, but the memories from this trip will remain with me forever.

We visited Florence, Pisa, Venice, Monaco, Eze, Nice and Paris; we saw the Duomo, the Leaning Tower, St. Mark’s Square and the Eiffel; we journeyed by bus, train, boat and on foot; but best of all, we were in good company, and some of those classmates continue to be some of my favourite people.

This trip provided an opportunity for my best friend, Lauren, and I to travel together outside of Ontario for the first time (looking back, I’m surprised it took so long for that to happen seeing how we’ve known each other our whole lives). We also created memorable moments with our childhood friend, Ana (the same Ana that I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times already). Some of those moments still make me smirk, like helping Lauren sneak out of a window; or our trio of boys, Justin, Nafees and James, claiming that the cherubims in some of the paintings we saw looked like naked man-babies; or singing NOFX’s Champs-Elysées while on a nighttime riverboat cruise in Paris.

Also, I’ve had a hard time drinking red wine since this trip due to a particularly colourful event that Ana will never let me forget. Oh cheap Italian table wine, how you scarred me.

A lot happened during the time we all spent together in Europe and I hope that my former classmates, and those tag-along friends that joined us, still cherish the memories as much as I do.

P.S: Please don’t mind the quality of the photos. These were taken before I even knew what a digital camera was. These have been scanned from the original photos that were taken with film.

133_566167473962_3481_n 133_566167503902_4928_n 133_566167488932_4222_n 133_566167508892_5183_n 133_566167513882_5423_n 133_566167553802_7466_n133_566167538832_6728_n 133_566167623662_5092_n 133_566167628652_5339_n133_566168447012_153_n 133_566168037832_3072_n 133_566168057792_4061_n 133_566168112682_6789_n 133_566168267372_8196_n 133_566168272362_8467_n  133_566168322262_1130_n 133_566168327252_1402_n


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