I’m Going On An Adventure!

Guess where I’ll be arriving next Monday morning?? I’ll give you a few guesses:




And in case I haven’t been obvious enough yet:

That’s right, NEW YORK CITY! Despite the miserable overnight bus home from Baltimore this past week, this Sunday evening will once again see me boarding a Megabus and heading southeast to one of, if not my most favourite, city on this planet.

My Aussie friend Sarah, who’s been working in Whister, BC since last November (here’s a refresher on Sarah and our escapades in Vancouver), will be finishing up a cross-country trip of the United States this weekend. Her final destination will be New York City before she returns home to Mackay, Australia.

There was no way in hell I was letting her escape without saying goodbye, so I decided to give Megabus a second chance and booked a bus ticket to NYC.

This will be my fourth trip to Manhattan since 2009, but despite my frequency of visits I still haven’t gone to any of the museums, galleries, or big tourist attractions, such as the Empire State Building (I have visited Liberty Island, however). I have a rough idea of what I want to see this trip, but my main focus will be to spend some time with Sarah before she takes off to the other side of the planet. I don’t know when I’ll be seeing her again (although I am working on my Moose Mates and some other friends to organize a big group trip next year, quite possibly in Hawaii), so we’ll have to make the most of our short time together.

I’ll be arriving in New York next Monday morning at 5:30am. Sarah’s plane leaves Newark sometime after 2:00pm, so we only have a small window of time. There’s a few places I’d like to show Sarah and her boyfriend, but that will have to be hashed out later on in the week once we know what our scheduling is like.

I’ll be staying on in the city by myself until Wednesday morning, when I’ll catch my bus home. There’s a few things that I will for sure do on this visit, but overall it might just be a walking around the city sort of adventure.

Here’s what I will definitely be seeing/doing, in no particular order:

  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, in both directions.
  2. Visit the newly named Adam Yauch Park (formerly Palmetto Playground) in Brooklyn Heights to pay tribute to my favourite Beastie Boy, MCA.
  3. Locate #4 Bowery, home of the infamous tattoo-née-barber shop run by the even more infamous Moskowitz men (father Willie and sons Walter and Stanley, pioneers of tattoo history in New York City in the early to mid 1900s).

Other than those three things I haven’t the slightest idea of what else I’m going to plan. I’m currently reading Inside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York City by Michelle and James Nevius, which actually includes a few walking tours, so maybe I’ll incorporate some of those into my wanderings.

I have a few days to plan out a rough itinerary, but to be honest my evenings up to Sunday are booked, so I might just have to do my planning on my daily commute to/from work. Before I go I’ll make sure to share my ideas on things to do (plus I’m bringing my laptop with me, so I might even get a chance to do a post or two while I’m away).

Only four more sleeps!

P.S.: Every time I go to New York I always make a small pilgrimage to Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street in the West Village. It was once featured in a scene of Sex and the City, with Carrie and Miranda enjoying a cupcake outside the shop. I love the show, I’m a baker by nature, and that part of the city is absolutely one of my favourite areas of NYC. It’s the perfect trifecta for a good time.

Don’t mind the poor quality, but it was the only clip I could find that shows that scene from SATC:


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