Live Below the Line: The Final Day!

Today is day nineteen of my Live Below the Line challenge, and you know what that means? After the day is done I’ll be finished my campaign!

Guess what I accidentally did this morning though? I forgot my food for the day at home. That’s right, it’s my last day of LBL and I bloody well forgot all of my nicely prepared and portioned-out meals in my fridge. I was so focussed on not forgetting anything for my weekend in Baltimore that I forgot one necessity that you shouldn’t go a day without: FOOD. Way to go out with a bang, eh?

I was sitting on the bus when I realized what I had done. I know I muttered a curse word to myself, so hopefully my fellow riders didn’t hear me and think I was crazy (I did look like a bag lady because I had two backpacks with me, though, so maybe it was just fitting). Now that I think if it, I don’t even know where I would have put my food, considering how stuffed my bags already are.

Thankfully I left tea at work, so I’ve been going off of that and water since I got here. I just saw some dude walk past my office with a ginormous burrito and I nearly pounced on him. There’s also a resident hotdog cart outside of the Mountain Equipment Co-op that neighbours us, and I noticed that they recently introduced fresh cut fries to their menu. All I can smell on our street is FOOD.

Despite not having anything to eat, and all the constant reminders of food that I’m seeing, I’m surprisingly okay. Maybe I’ll just treat this as a day of fasting. I think I’m so excited for my trip this weekend that it’s distracting me from my hunger. Excitement: the new appetite suppresant.

One thing I do notice is how tired I am. I normally hit a wall sometime around 3:30-4:00pm (which I’d like to think is natural and happens to everyone who works in an office), however my wall arrived a bit prematurely today and snuck up on me around 2:00pm. How evil! It’s the Friday of a long-weekend, the weather outside is gorgeous, and all I wanted to do was shut myself in the spare room in our office (which also doubles as a brochure room, a makeshift yoga room, and sometimes even bike storage), lie down on the inflatable camping mattress that’s already in there, shut out the world for a few minutes and enjoy a quick siesta.

On weekends I sometimes nap like an old granny, but there are times when you just need to “rest your eyes for a few minutes” as my father would say. Naps are the best! If only we were able to have a daily siesta like the Spaniards. We could learn a thing or two from them!

I just realized I wrote nearly two paragraphs entirely on the act of napping. Wow. Okay, so on top of being tired I’m also easily distracted and likely to go off on tangents. I’m going to make an AWESOME bus partner tonight. Thankfully my travel buddy, Uriel, is quite used to my antics and even understands the special variation of English that I create when I’m exhausted and can’t seem to properly form words. Hell, at least I’ll be entertaining.

Only a few more hours to go. Our overnight bus to Baltimore leaves at 7:45pm, and I do believe there’s WiFi onboard, so at some point tonight I’ll do a summation of my LBL experiences and thoughts on what I’ve learned. For now, I just need to get through the rest of the day and make it on that bus.

Oh boy, I can smell that wood oven pizza in Baltimore already!


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