Live Below the Line: Day 18

The end is nigh! The end is nigh! Oh thank goodness, the end is nigh!

I’m sitting here with a small case of writer’s block because I honestly don’t know what else I can say about hunger aside from what I’ve already written over the past seventeen days.

Did I mention it sucks? Ya, I’m pretty sure I already said that. How about we take too much for granted and don’t truly understand the living conditions of those trying to survive in extreme poverty? Yup, I know I shared that as well. Ummm…I would desperately love to eat a Greek salad right now?? I don’t think I’ve said that one yet!

My friend Eric finally reached his fundraising goal last night so today he was able to enjoy his first coffee in seventeen days. I told him he’d probably pee himself from excitement as he was waiting in line at the coffee shop. He later posted a picture of his coffee, so I had to ask if there were any “wet spots”. His response? “Only tears of joy.”

Eric and I were talking last night about a certain aspect of the challenge that becomes more prevalent the longer you do it. Actually, when I was talking with Ennis Esmer two weeks ago he mentioned something similar. We realized that after a certain point the focus of why we’re participating shifts to a focus on how miserable we are. We fall into the “poor me” mindset and lose sight of the real purpose of the challenge: to experience what it’s like for those living in extreme poverty and raise funds to help mollify the situation.

Hunger definitely turns you into a Bitter Betty, we all know that, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for LBL participants. This way of survival is an anomaly and once it’s over we can all go back to our usual ways. Those that we’re actually doing this for, however, do not have that option. That’s the point we need to focus on, not how much we’d love to eat this, or drink that, or how “starving” we are.

Am I hungry? For sure! I won’t try to act the hero and deny that. But at the same time I’m not going to play the victim and focus on something that I actually do have control over.

Tomorrow marks day nineteen and the end of my challenge, but it’s only the beginning of my involvement for this cause.


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