Live Below the Line: Day 17

Migraines are my own version of a personal hell. Thankfully, I only get them about two to three times a year, but when I do, I’m done for the day. Unfortunately, I was struck with one on my way home from work yesterday, and with it came a very unpleasant evening.

Here’s a breakdown of how my migraines evolve:

  1. All of a sudden, and out of nowhere, I lose the ability to focus my vision.
  2. After about five to ten minutes of this, I develop “floaters” in my vision, which more or less look like white, neon worms dancing across my eyes. These “floaters” make it impossible for me to see the entirety of whatever it may be that I’m directly looking at (for example, if I’m looking at your face, I can only see half of it).
  3. Shortly after these “floaters” appear, I lose my peripheral vision, but usually only on one side (and I think it’s always my right side).
  4. This is when the pain begins. It’s duller than a usual headache, but somehow it has the ability to knock me off my feet. I compare it to what it may feel like if a giant ogre were trying to pick me up by wrapping his massive hands around my head and pulling upwards. Hopefully by this time I’ve taken three or four 400mg ibuprofen gel caps (and yes, I actually need that many; and no, I don’t do this often, only when the above happens), and I regain some of my vision.
  5. If I’m lucky, I’m home by now and can either try to sleep it off, or if I’m unlucky, I may then proceed to lose whatever I may have eaten that day to the city’s waterworks, if you know what I mean (I was trying to be polite, but that then sounded like I get a version of “Montezuma’s Revenge”, which I do NOT. Screw it, I throw up, and it’s quite unladylike).

Within about an hour of me getting home last night I had basically lost about 90% of what I consumed that day. Everything that I so carefully portioned out and budgeted for my Live Below the Line challenge was “donated” to Lake Ontario. This pissed me off more than the hassle of getting the blasted migraine. Like honestly, brain/vision, you couldn’t wait until next week?!

I don’t know what causes my migraines. It could be neurological, visual or diet. I’ve been prone to headaches since I was a kid, and migraines since I was in high school, but no cause has been diagnosed. I’m pretty sure it’s not my vision, seeing how I’ve had glasses since I was sixteen, however my eyes are stupidly sensitive to bright light. I’m praying it’s not a neuro problem and haven’t even begun to cross that bridge. But, and this is related to an issue I brought up yesterday, I have a sneaking suspicion it may be diet-related. And the culprit: M-F-ING GLUTEN.

Here’s my reasoning: I’m slowly running out of food for the week, especially produce (I’m now down to 2/3 of an apple and 1/2 a tomato). Plus, for two days in a row now I’ve forgotten to hard-boil my eggs for breakfast.

Yesterday I survived off of an English muffin and plain pita, eating some of the extra pita that I have left over. My belly was full of wheat flour and nothing fresh to help digest it. Could this have triggered the migraine? Did I OD on gluten protein?

One thing I’ve noticed with my regular headaches is that they often hit if we’re expecting a storm. It has something to do with the barometer dropping, and my sister actually experiences the same thing. This morning my ex checked in on me to see how I was doing and my response was: “My head is effed up. I’m like a bad version of a superhero who can detect storms, but gets crippled in the process.”

Maybe it was a combination of the thunderstorm we got and the high doses of gluten I consumed yesterday? I really don’t know. All I do know is that I’m still aggravated by the whole thing. I’m even more hungry today because I lost my stomach contents last night. I’m FOR SURE going to try cutting out gluten for some time to see if that little bitch is an instigator to my health problems (and by the way, I researched online to see if a gluten sensitivity can lead to migraines, and from what I’ve found, it most definitely can).

I’m currently in the migraine hangover phase, despite having slept for about ten hours last night. And I’M SO HUNGRY =( Sometimes, trying to fill up on water just doesn’t cut it.

Only two more full days to go until my Live Below the Line challenge is over. With my luck, my dull head pain will linger until then. Next time I do this challenge (and oh yes, there will be a next time), remind me not to buy breads or pastas of any sort.


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