Live Below the Line: Day 11

Holy crap, I’ve been doing the challenge for eleven days already?! I’ve gotten into such a routine with my meals that it’s almost unnoticeable…until I suddenly have a craving for salsa, or an avocado. It’s weird though. I’ve been trying to think of what I’ll have as my first meal once the challenge is done, and I can’t think of anything! But now that I think of it, it will probably be a homemade granola bar as I’ll be waking up on the overnight bus to Baltimore the next day.

Last night I submitted an application for an international volunteer program (more details will come once the process gets going, but here’s a hint, it’s on my Travel Bucket List). In order to be able to afford both my Ireland tour in September and the volunteer trip to take place in October, I’ll have to greatly reduce how much I would normally budget (and spend outside the budget, knowing me) on weekly groceries and miscellaneous items (like drinks on a patio). So, from the end of May up to the end of the year I’m forcing myself to make $40 of groceries and $30 for miscellaneous items last two weeks. After doing the Live Below the Line challenge though, I honestly don’t see that being a problem. That grocery budget is double what I’ve been living off of for the past two weeks!

Doing the challenge has definitely kicked my laziness to the curb. I will no longer waste so much money on take-out meals and coffee. I’ve also noticed I’m less likely to impulse buy now. If I’ve had to buy any non-food items in the past two weeks it was only because it was a necessity (like dish soap).

I’d much rather be a miser who’s slowly paying off her debt and volunteering abroad than a woman who’s stagnant and can’t move forward simply because she spent too much money on beers at the bar that week (I just realized how much I mention drinking. I only enjoy it recreationally, don’t worry. Just blame it on my West Indian/Scottish roots. Now there’s a hell of a mix).

This Friday and Saturday are probably going to be my most challenging evenings yet. On Friday I’ll be meeting up with my friend Ana who’s visiting from Calgary (if you need a reminder of who Ana is, check out our visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver here), and our friend Tania from high school (who was actually the first person to pledge towards my LBL fundraising goal! :)); then on Saturday I’ll be joining one of my oldest friends, Abby, and her fiancé, Jason, for Jay’s birthday celebration. I was advised that Saturday is an evening that’s going to be filled with dinner, drinking, and karaoke. Seeing how I won’t be able to eat or drink (aside from water), and I’m scared shitless of karaoke (because I hate singing in public), I’m only going to be there to be social and spend the evening with the birthday boy. I’ll still have a good time, but I’m not banking on it being easy.

Oh hey, guess what…I’M HUNGRY. Totally forgot to mention that. I guess it’s a given now…

Right now I’m breaking out the inner Martha Stewart in me as I make some handmade signs for Sunday. My friends Chuck and Cheryl have a vlog on YouTube and have agreed to do a video with me about the Live Below the Line challenge. I’ve never done a vlog before, and frankly I hate the sound of my voice on video, so this should be interesting. I just thought I’d bring some props in case we needed them 😉

Only eight more days to go. I’m officially past the half-way point! What I wouldn’t give to be able to celebrate with a pint of Keith’s IPA right now…

Ha. Just kidding 😉


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