Live Below the Line: Day 8

This is just a disclaimer: my ninja cat, Bailey, decided to lie right on my lap as soon as I opened my laptop. So if there are any typos, blame him. Hey cat, it’s called a laptop for a reason. Well, it seems my hangry is finally coming out, but don’t worry, no cats will be harmed in the making of this blog post.

For those who may not be aware of what “hangry” is, I didn’t know the term existed until I started the Live Below the Line challenge. Basically, if you’re so hungry you’re angry, then you’re hangry. I haven’t been super hangry, maybe hranky? Crungry? Cripes, what’s the cranky-hungry alternative to hangry?! I’m so hungry I’m not making any sense.

One thing that I wish I had done prior to my grocery shop is calculated the nutritional values of the food I was getting beforehand, just to ensure I was getting enough protein and fibre. After today I’m actually missing my nasty ass oatmeal. It might not have been that appetizing but at least that shit sticks to your bones and sits in your stomach like a wholesome brick of fibre-goodness. Within minutes of finishing my breakfast of half an English muffin with some tomato and an egg, I was hungry again.

And those pickles I bought for snacks for the next two weeks? Well, the jar is almost done.

I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to be much harder than the first week ever was. There’s probably going to be A LOT of water imbibed. I might as well just get one of those water cooler jugs, stick a stupidly long straw in it and sit it on my desk at work. Oh! Or maybe I can get one of those hydration packs and just strap the damn water right to my body! My office IS in the back of the building after all, so I don’t really need to look THAT appropriate. Ok, maybe a little. I’ll see how it goes…

Eight days done, eleven more to go. I might have a whole new vocabulary of hungry mash-up words by the end of this challenge.


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