Live Below the Line: Day 2

Day two of my Live Below the Line challenge is coming to an end, and aside from coffee, I’m also desperately craving something fresh and healthy…like a slice of tomato, or an orange, or some tabbouleh. The food that I purchased to last me the week has little-to-no colour. I’m talking bland, taupe-coloured food that tastes as appetizing as it looks. Albeit, I have some broccoli with my lunch, and some pasta sauce with my dinner, but this girl is in need of some food with a pop of colour and a crunchy texture.

While I was making my rolled oats this morning, for some reason I was brought back to a story I’d always hear from my father. Dad grew up in Guyana and Barbados, but for some time during his youth he attended Bishop’s College School in Quebec. It was a boarding school that, from the impression I got from him, upheld strict conventions along the lines of making you bounce a penny off your bed to make sure the sheets were tight enough.

The story that always stuck with me was the one about his daily breakfast routine. I can’t remember everything they were served for the meal, but the one thing that I will never be able to forget is the image of what Dad called “soggy bread”.

Breakfast was served at a specific time and was placed at your seat where it waited for you, covered under a dish. Due to the condensation caused by the heat of the food, if you weren’t there in time your toast would get soggy. But, suck it up champ, because that’s all you got and if your bread was soggy it was your own fault for not being there when you should have been.

(Side note: I no longer have to question where I get my “tough love” stance on life. Just by telling this story I can see that it was ingrained in me by my father who must have earned it at Bishop’s.)

As I looked down at my breakfast of what I so lovingly call “gruel” (aka rolled oats), all I could think of was soggy bread:


This is what I’ve had for breakfast for the past two days. I have been quick to learn that if you don’t make it to the right consistency, or don’t eat it fast enough, it can become rather hard to swallow (read “slimey”). I guess this is why I was reminded of my Dad’s “soggy bread” story. Again, I’m all about texture when it comes to food, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice!

Overall, today’s been pretty rough. I was in work meetings for over three hours which resulted in another wicked headache (though I’m doubting if my headache from yesterday even went away). I’m so drained of energy it’s hard for me to focus on my computer screen right now.

One thing I’ve read many times over the past few days is that it’s often hard to differentiate between phsyical hunger and psychological hunger during the Live Below the Line challenge. I can really attest to this, even after just two days.

Physically, I don’t feel hungry. I find that the foods I’ve chosen to eat throughout the day really do keep me full. Mentally though, I’m exhausted. Maybe I’m not getting enough nutrients out of what I’m consuming; maybe I’m just tired of the banality of my meals and miss the ability to think “I feel like a coffee. I’m just going to pop out and grab one.” or “What am I going to have for lunch today? I feel like having some sushi.” Now that I’m only eating taupe oats, taupe rice, and taupe pasta, I’m left craving the option of variety.

Tomorrow, I might change it up a bit by adding my snack of apple slices to my oatmeal. That should help. Funny how inventive you can get when you don’t have many options.

I’m going to have some exciting things to share over the second half of the week, including an interview with a very special Live Below the Line Ambassador (*cough* who’s also the current Leaderboard champion for his fundraising efforts *cough*), and a dedicated post to my very good friends at Samesun Backpacker Lodges, who have come on board to help me in my fundraising from their Vancouver location on Granville Street (which, by the way, was recently voted 5th best Extra Large Hostel in the World for 2013 by That’s right, IN THE WORLD! I knew I liked that place for a reason 😉 ).

To those who are also participating in the challenge, tomorrow’s hump day! Only a few more days to go 🙂

Feeling generous? Why not donate to my fundraising efforts and check out my page here.


6 thoughts on “Live Below the Line: Day 2

  1. I started my challenge last Friday, so I’m on my final day. I pretty much lived on peanut butter & crackers, honey roasted turkey sandwich meat on bread, jello, and ramen noodles with buttered bread. I drank lots of tap water, which I usually don’t drink a lot of.

  2. @no1zoiepalmerfan Tap water is the key! It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, regardless if you’re doing the challenge or not. I have also been drinking more than usual because of it though, and I can definitely see a difference.

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