On the Eve of Living Below the Line

It’s official: we are less than twenty-four hours away from beginning the Live Below the Line challenge. All my meals are cooked and portioned out, and I’m quite proud of the daily meal plan I was able to come up with (although I still wish I was able to get more veggies into the menu). I did have another mishap after preparing my dinners though, and it was one that had me greatly considering the “five second rule”.

My dinner for the week is quite simple: spaghetti with pasta sauce. No meat, no grated parmesan, just straight up noodles and sauce. Although pasta tastes better after it’s just cooked, I decided to prepare my dinners beforehand to ensure that I evenly portioned it all out.

Once it was cooked, I divided the pasta into five containers and was in the middle of putting them into the fridge when disaster hit: I dropped one of the containers. Upon hitting the floor, the lid popped off and my spaghetti exploded and spread over the tiles. I swear it happened in slow motion. I also swear I thought to myself, nanoseconds before it happened, “wouldn’t it suck if I dropped one and lost some of my food for the week?” No joke.

I quickly reacted and somehow managed to get the spaghetti back into the container. I must have stood there for a good two minutes holding the container of floor spaghetti, staring in disbelief at the dish in my hand as some of the noodles hung limply over the edge. An internal debate ensued, which had me weighing the pros and cons of keeping the floor spaghetti or tossing it. Then I saw the cat hair clinging to one of the noodles. That sealed the deal for me. That shit got tossed into the compost bin.

I had to divvy up the remaining dishes to make up for the one I lost, but thankfully you can get a lot of pasta out of one package.

Now that I’m done preparing everything, here’s what I’ll be having everyday next week:


Note the blue garlic in the broccoli rice dish.

I’m actually really excited to get underway! I have a feeling that this next week will not only open my eyes to the tribulations of having to live below the poverty line, but it will also help me to better examine my own life choices. Through doing good deeds we better ourselves, right?

Until tomorrow, cheers!


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