Hello, Charm City!

Inner Harbor from 27th floor of World Trade CenterHow do you take advantage of a long weekend? By boarding an overnight bus to a city you’ve never been to before. In this case, it’s Baltimore! For reasons I can’t quite pinpoint, Charm City has always appealed to me. I’ve never been there before and I don’t know much about the city, but I do know it has a wicked harbour (appealing to the pirate in me); is home to Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes (Chef has the best laugh on TV, by far); and the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl this year. Next month I’ll be spending my Victoria Day long weekend in this waterside metropolis. Joining me will be one of my best friends: Uriel, my ex.

One of Uri’s dreams has always been to teach abroad. This August that dream will become reality as Uri will be departing for South Korea where he’ll be teaching English for a year. A few years ago, Uri and I started a tradition of going away for a weekend prior to long periods away from each other. In 2009, Uri spent two months volunteering in Nicaragua. A few weeks before he left we flew to New York for a weekend. Prior to another trip, we drove to Niagara Falls. This time, let it be Baltimore. I’ll be damned to let a tradition die, regardless of our marital status.

Last week a co-worker of mine said that Uri and I must be in the 1% of separated couples that get along and still like each other. Last summer when the separation actually happened, one of my best girls, Aleesha, said that it was either the healthiest separation to ever occur, or one of the most messed up ones. I’d like to go with the former. We’re still best friends and still truly appreciate having each other in our lives. Why not honour the friendship and spend a weekend together discovering a new city?

On Friday, May 17, Uri and I will be catching a bus from downtown Toronto and twelve hours later we’ll end up in Baltimore. The bus tickets are booked, our bunk beds are reserved at the Baltimore HI, and we’ve started to look into things to do over the two days that we’ll be there. I even found a tattoo parlour on the harbour that we’ll be visiting so I can carry on the habit I started of collecting souvenir tattoos (this one will be an anchor to honour Baltimore’s seaport history…and again, I’m a pirate inside).

As much as I’m anxious to think about what the year will be like with Uri gone, I’m excited for our upcoming trip and for us to get that time together.

We’ll be seeing you soon, Charm City!


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