Vancouver 2013, Part 2: A Whole Lot of Moose

I am currently sitting in a brand new, swanky Tim Horton’s that has opened up across the street from the Samesun since my last visit here (for those non-Canadians who may be reading this, Tim Horton’s is our great Canadian coffee shop — think Starbucks without the snooty attitude, plus a coffee doesn’t cost you $5). This is by far the nicest Tim’s I’ve ever been in, AND they have free WiFi, booths to sit in, and van1actual artwork on the wall. I didn’t realize it when I sat down, but after looking around I spotted this poster on the wall directly behind me. It’s the Samesun sign! I found this funny and had to take a picture to share.

Today’s Monday, my fifth full day here. I know I already wrote a post about my first full day in the city, but honestly the past few days have kept me so busy that I’m having a hard time remembering what day it actually is (I had to reread my post about the yacht club just to remind myself what I did that day).

Since I arrived last Wednesday I’ve walked more of the city than I ever have, I’ve seen parts of the city outside of the downtown core than I never expected to, I’ve caught up with some friends, made some new ones and have even gotten used to my morning wake up call, consisting of a choir of giant BC seagulls and crows. I absolutely love this city.

In my last post I mentioned that I was meeting up with my Moose Mate, Sarah M. (if “Moose Mate” gets you confused and you feel like a little light reading, check out my posts on Moose Travel Network and “My Moose Tour”. You can even meet my Moose Mates by checking out this post).

Sarah has been in Canada since I so hesitantly parted ways with her in Victoria back in early November. This brave girl came over from Australia all by herself and has been working in Whistler for the past three and a half months. This trip was unintentionally timed perfectly as Sarah had to come to Vancouver to meet up with her friend Louise, who was visiting from Oz.

Sarah wasn’t able to meet up until later in the evening on Friday, which worked for me because I had to work for part of the day anyway. While at work I got a text from my friend Andrew, telling me that he was in town with his daugther LJ and her mom Chelsey. LJ had to get a routine check-up at the BC Children’s Hospital, so we took the opportunity for me to finally meet little LJ (please, please take a moment to read this post I wrote about LJ a few months ago. Do it now before you continue, it’ll mean so much more).

Despite everything she’s had to endure throughout her two years of being alive, little Lilee-Jean acts as if nothing’s the matter. You can already see her sense of humour showing through. She was all smiles that day, dancing and twirling up a storm. This little one has been on my mind since I first met Andrew on Granville Island back in October, and she’s been such a constant topic of conversation between my mother and I that every now and then my mom will ask to see how she’s doing. I know I wasn’t very outgoing or too, too chatty during my quick visit with them, but Andrew and Chelsey, if you read this, you have no idea how much it meant to me to get to meet LJ. I was quieter than I normally am because I wanted to enjoy the visit as much as I could. Just hearing Lilee say “thanks” can melt your heart.

After my visit at the hospital I got a nice little surprise text message from John, the biggest Moose of them all (I realize I’m throwing names out there like you all know who they are, so maybe it’s best for you to click that link I provided above about my Moose Mates in order to put faces to these names. They’re quite pretty faces…go on…give ’em a look…).

John and I met up for some pints and caught up on each other’s lives over the past four months. It wasn’t until he pointed out that it has actually only been four months since I was here last that I realized it feels like it was much longer ago. Maybe I just missed all the good people I met here and the good times we had that it felt like an eternity since I was last with them *insert sappy music here*.

John’s still the same — goofy, but reserved with a head full of knowledge that you wouldn’t believe. I keep on catching him playing tour guide, pointing out neighbourhoods we may be driving through or sharing the history of local venues.

John had to get up incredibly early to do another tour the next morning so unfortunately he didn’t get to come out with Sarah, Louise and I. However, he did drop me off at Sarah’s hotel so he got to see her again as well. We had a quick little love fest in the lobby (nothing dirty folks, just big hugs and friendly banter), and I got a photo to mark the occasion:


After we said “bye” to John the girls and I made our way back to the only pub I can say I frequent in Vancouver — The Beaver at the Samesun. Hey man, they offer a drink menu that’s easy on a traveller’s wallet. What more could you ask for?

We spent a few hours catching up, discussed the idiosyncrasies of Aussie English vs. Canadian English, boys and love lives, work, Sarah’s soon-to-end work visa and her travel plans afterwards, and I got to make yet another Aussie friend in Louise.

I have to admit I’d been a bit lonely in Vancouver up to this point, so for me to have the chance to see Andrew, John and Sarah plus meet Lilee-Jean, Chelsey and Louise, it just made me feel better about everything. It even made me more comfortable with me being here on my own. I’ve been spending about 90% of my time here by myself, and while I do appreciate this time alone, the time I’ve had with friends since I got here have been the most endearing.


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