Sandy Island

As I mentioned in the introduction for my themed daily posts, Far-Off Friday is going to be used to explore my fascination with little-known islands throughout the world (not to say I’ll neglect some of the more well-known ones, though). I was trying to decide which island to profile first, so I took a few moments yesterday to take a look at a huge world map that’s in the travel agency I work above.

My curious coworker Claire (whoa, alliteration!) noticed what I was doing (wasn’t too hard, I was directly behind her), and when I told her about my island posts she shared with me a news report she had just read.

Apparently, islands can disappear.

According to maps from at least the last decade there is a spot of land on the Coral Sea called Sandy Island, located northwest of New Caledonia and east of Australia (almost parallel to Townsville, Queensland).

However, when an expedition team from the University of Sydney went to survey the island recently, they found nothing but open ocean.

Is it the new Atlantis??

Check out this article from the BBC on this little, lost island. Either someone has some explaining to do about their cartography goof-up or the Coral Sea got hungry and ate a Sand(y)wich. Eh, get it? 😉


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