Wayfarer: John Gary

69569_10101445211197252_1802620634_nMeet John, the first official Wayfarer to be featured. I first met John in Vancouver last month and was forced to place my life in his hands as he was our tour leader/bus driver on the group tour I took — turns out, he’s not that bad of a driver, plus he’s entertaining.

Born and raised in Tsawwassan, British Columbia, John studied Anthropology and Archaeology at Simon Fraser University. Fun fact: John grew up less than two kilometers from the Canada/US border and as a kid used to cross into the States on his bicycle, just to go to the convenience store to buy candy.

While we were on tour John and I had a few discussions about our past trips and his experiences from being a tour leader in Western Canada. Now that I’m back home, I wanted to get him to expand upon some of the things we talked about.

1. What countries have you visited? A lot of Europe (been six times), Western North America, Mexico (not the beach area), Cuba (to visit family), Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel

2. What would you say is your favourtie place to visit? My favorite country that I’ve visited is France, but I was most surprised by Syria.

3. What’s one thing you’ve learned from your travels? Walk to places as much as possible.

4. What one thing must you always bring with you on a trip? Tabasco Sauce. My mum always gives me a bottle before I depart anywhere.

5. Do you have a travel bucket list? I don’t really have any destinations on my bucket list. I am not one for destinations — I like going on journeys and I am pretty much up for anything.

6. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you while abroad? Not really sure it’s that crazy, however, I was crossing over to France from England on the ferry and I needed to get to the southwest of France. I was sitting on the boat people watching (a favourite pastime of mine) and I overheard some English men talking about their journeys.  One guy was really worried about driving across France since he was bad at reading maps and could not speak any French.  Without me saying anything, one of the guys jokingly looked at me and asked if I could read maps and speak French. I smiled back and said of course. Then replied, “I can help you to Bordeaux.” He looked at me and took me up on my offer right on the spot. I got a ride right across France, not far from where I had to be. It worked out for everyone.



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