Samesun Backpacker Lodges

During my time in Western Canada I had the opportunity of staying at all three Samesun locations in Vancouver, Kelowna and Banff. Given that this was my first real hostelling experience, I was a bit hesitant of sleeping in dorm rooms, but after my first night in Vancouver I quickly settled into the routine. I am now such a fan of hostelling that I’ll be utilizing this form of accommodation on my travels for the next number of years, or at least until I’m considered the old biddy in the building and will be forced to stay in over-priced hotels.

Samesun Vancouver on Granville Street

Samesun offers anything you could possibly imagine you’d need at a hostel  — laundry facilities, fully equipped kitchens, common rooms for socializing, free wifi, the option of staying in a dorm or a private room and clean bathrooms. The Samesuns in Vancouver and Banff also have on site pubs, each of which are lovingly known as The Beaver Bar (try the Agwa shots, they’re amazing). These pubs offer travellers cheap but great food and affordably priced drinks — perfect for a backpacker on a budget.

Samesun Kelowna on Harvey Avenue

Each location even has a different feel — Vancouver is eclectic and funky, Kelowna is comfortable and homey, and Banff is fun and energetic. The staff at all locations were helpful and pleasant to deal with, which really helped me feel at home. All locations are also centrally located in each town, making them easy to find and convenient for the traveller with heavy bags (or the traveller stumbling home from a night out on the town).

Samesun Banff on Banff Avenue

If I’m ever back in Western Canada and in need of somewhere to lay my head, there’s no other place I’d rather be than at Samesun. It’s hands-down one of the best, if not the best, hostel chain in Alberta and British Columbia. Great accommodations, excellent service and a fun and laid-back atmosphere in each location, what more could you ask for? All that I could ask is why aren’t there any Samesun locations in Eastern Canada? We could definitely use some over here on this side of the country! 🙂

The boys at Samesun Vancouver


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