My Moose Tour: Day 1

It was a rainy day in Vancouver when we all hopped on our Moose bus for the first time. We were a group of nine strangers from all different corners of the world, all huddled together under the awning of our hostel as our bags were loaded aboard by our tour guide.

I somehow managed to score shotgun and for some reason stayed in this seat for the whole trip. Our final destination for the day was Kelowna, but we had a few sights to see along the way.

Our first stop was Bridal Veil Falls. We were all still a bit shy by this point, but after we took a quick hike our driver, John, had us all form a circle so we could properly introduce ourselves. It was at this point that we finally learned where we were all from and why we were on the tour. We had travellers from various parts of Australia, England, Holland, Taiwan, and me, the only Canuck.

After the falls we continued our drive through BC, eventually taking another rest stop in the town of Hope. Although it’s quite small, Hope is actually known for a few things: it was the site of the Fort Hope Trading Post, created by the Hudson’s Bay Company; the first library on the BC mainland was established here; Hope is the chainsaw wood carving capital of the world; and, brace yourselves, was the film location of the first Rambo film, First Blood (the great Sidney Poitier also filmed a movie here in the 1980s). Quite the history for such a small town!

After Hope we drove through the Okanagan Valley and ended the day in Kelowna. We saw some beautiful scenery along the way, although we didn’t end up seeing any signs of Ogopogo (unless you count what we found on Kelowna’s harbourfront, as seen below). We enjoyed a meal at our Samesun hostel and got to know each other better around the dinner table. Day one was probably our most tame day of adventure, but only because we hadn’t started nearly as much ruckus as we were so used to by the end of the trip.

We said our good nights, made our way to our bunks and prepared ourselves for day two with a good sleep.



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