Vancouver: Day 3

Today was supposed to be a life-changing experience for me. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to have a bit of a hissy fit and kicked up her winds, causing our whale watching tour to be cancelled. Although I was feeling a bit let-down, I decided to venture out on my own for a little to take some pictures of locations that were prevalent to my Vancouver heritage. I also wanted to test myself to see if I could get around the city solo and without a map. I am pleased to announce that after three days in this beautiful city I now know the major north-south and east-west streets and can navigate downtown on my own. The ‘burbs of Vancouver are a different story however. I got off at the wrong bus stop and ended up having to walk an extra three kilometres to get to my destination. I must have walked at least ten kilometres today. I had to work off that po’ boy somehow!

Once I was done my solo flight I headed back to Samesun to help Ana check out. Alas, our journey in Vancouver has come to an end and Ana flew back to Calgary this evening. Before she left however, we finally made our way to Granville Island Public Market and spent a few hours taking in the sights, grabbing a bite to eat, shopping and enjoying some incredible live music.

Ana and I had just arrived and I was drawn to these two old men sitting on a bench feeding pigeons. While I was crouching in the middle of a flock of birds to get some shots (one of the sneaky old men started throwing seeds my way to get the birds riled up), I became distracted by an amazing voice and an acoustic guitar to back it up. This musician was playing nearby and I felt the need to stick around for a song. Ana and I then went to grab some lunch, but a little while later we came across the same musician in another spot of the market and decided to actually sit down for a good listen.

Everyone, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you all to Andrew Christopher. Ana and I were both drawn in and had to stick around for a few more songs. I felt the need to include this experience on the blog so I mentioned to him that I’d be writing about his performance. We swapped contacts and turns out not only is he talented, but he also has something he’d like me to share with you guys. I’ve included a clip of one of the songs he performed today (don’t miss it, it’s at the very end of this post), but I wanted to dedicate a post to his story. Within the next few days I’ll be writing about Andrew and a cause that’s very dear to him, so please stay tuned. If you’d like to hear more of him before then check out his band Pardon My Striptease on their YouTube channel.

In the meanwhile here are some pictures from today’s adventures. Tonight’s my last night in Vancouver and I am incredibly sad to leave this great city behind. These past few days have by far been some of the best I’ve had in years. I got to walk through a rainforest, meet family for the first time and discover my Vancouver roots, chat with two very inspiring men who have turned their passion for travel into careers, and on top of all that, I bought a ukulele while at the market today. I’ve always wanted a uke and now I have one to commemorate my trip to Van City.

Tomorrow I’ll be hopping aboard a bus with Moose Travel Network and taking off on their Coho tour. By this time tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in Kelowna. I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I left home!


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