Vancouver: Day 2

My second day in Vancouver proved to be a busy one. I had four different things to do, all of which were totally unrelated to the other. In the morning Ana and I made our way over to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (this place was so incredible it deserves a dedicated post, so stay tuned), then I took the bus to Richmond to meet my father’s family (again, another amazing experience worthy of its own post). Once I was done in Richmond I made my way back to the hostel for a quick break and to freshen up. I was scheduled to meet a certain fellow by the name of Robin Esrock (insert gasp of surprise from those in-the-know here). Ana and I ended up sitting down for a few pints with Robin, his wife Anna and their friend Sean Aiken. We had a great chat, took some witty pictures and then parted ways. I hate to sound like a broken record, but there will also be seperate posts dedicated to Robin and Sean, so kindly keep an eye out for those.

Ana wanted to show me around Gas Town because she knows I love cobblestone streets, so we walked to this historic area of the city for a night stroll. Gas Town is gorgeous at night! I stood on the corner where the name of Vancouver was selected for the city, saw the world’s first steam powered clock and sat down to enjoy a po’ boy and a final pint for the night with Ana. Gas Town definitely reminds me of the Distillery District in Toronto. I hate to say it though, Vancouver may have one-upped us on this one.


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