Vancouver: Day 1

Apparently I snore when I’m exhausted and have a few pints in me. According to my friend Ana (and probably our other dorm mates) I had quite the acoustics going our first night at Samesun Vancouver. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. When I woke up the next morning the first thing I did was pull up the GPS on my phone to figure out where in Canada I was, totally forgetting I was off the train and stationary. Considering it was the first time in four nights I was able to lie comfortably (and with an actual pillow), you would think I would have had a better idea of where I was…

Once I arrived in Vancouver I cabbed it over to Samesun to meet up with Ana and get settled. Pete, the manager of the hostel and the kind sir who helped me with my accommodations for this trip, was working the desk when we checked in and gave us a proper welcoming. We had plans to meet up later so Ana and I took off for a day of wandering around the city. We grabbed breakfast at The Templeton diner across from the hostel (my first solid meal in five days), and once we were fed and fueled up on coffee decided to take a walk.

Just north of the hostel is the Orpheum Theatre, which opened in 1927. It was once the largest theatre in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Unbeknownst to me, the day that I arrived just so happened to be the day they were removing the iconic sign outside of the theatre due to its age and condition. The whole block was closed to traffic but shocked and saddened bystanders were crowded around to witness the event.

We continued walking further into the core of the city, passing the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Maritime Building, ending up at the harbour to see the Olympic torch and enjoy the view. After being pent up on that train it was soothing to just sit on the harbour, smell the salt air and get some sun on my face.

From the harbour we walked back to Granville Street and took it south all the way to the Granville Street Bridge. The view on that bridge is spectacular and shows the layout of Granville Island and Pier 32. However, the wind on that bridge gets into your bones. We ended up turning back around to make our way to the hostel to warm up.

That night we went out for a few pints with Pete, stayed up way too late, and eventually made our way back to the room to get cozied up in our beds. It was at this point that I proceeded to create a symphony from my bunk bed. I’m going to call my snore fest “Ode to Van City”.


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