Nearing Our Final Destination…

I woke up a few hours ago and couldn’t fall back asleep, so alas I didn’t open my eyes in Vancouver. We’re not too far away now and are on Douglas Island according to the CN Rail sign we just passed. Throughout the night I must have listened to about four or five Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band CDs just to pump myself up for my BC visit (if you don’t know what the connection is, shame on you. Go look it up.). I have the opening bars of Pledge of Allegiance stuck in my head as I look out the window at the river we’re following.

People are starting to stir on the train now. Bags are being zipped up, seat backs are being taken out of the reclining position, the smart ones are grabbing a final cup of not-so-good coffee (when you can’t be picky any sort of coffee will do). I had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up every hour, so I’ve had plenty of time to get myself ready. I haven’t gone for that coffee yet though…

Once I get to Vancouver I need to make my way to Samesun Backpacker Lodge on Granville Street. It’s about a thirty minute walk from the train station, but walking will most likely be a bitch of a feat because of my bags. That and I think I started to develop a cold at some point in the night. I don’t know if I can physically haul all my stuff right now. I know it’s not a bad transit ride but I’ll most likely end up hailing a cab. Meh. I’ll see how I feel when we get there.

Once I get to Samesun and settle in I have to catch up on some work and prep for an interview I’m doing tomorrow. I’ll be sitting down with Robin Esrock — travel writer, journalist and co-host of Canada’s own Word Travels. He’s doing a TED Talk Sunday downtown so we’ll be meeting up afterwards for a few pints. I’m hoping those pints take my nerves away…

Oh! Have I mentioned I’m going to have company in Vancouver? My friend Ana (who’s originally from Toronto but moved to Calgary a few years ago) will be in the city for a conference. We both ended up having these plans for Vancouver on the same weekend and didn’t find out until we had a phone date in September. After knowing someone for seventeen years it seems we have synced up our clocks without even realizing it.

Ana will be joining me at Samesun and for the rest of my time in Vancouver. Although I made a friend in Louis on the train, I can’t wait to be with someone again who actually knows me. Ana is one of the handful of friends I have that can look at me and know what I’m thinking without me having to explain myself. Seeing how I have difficulty in doing just that sometimes, it’ll be nice to take a break 😉

Well, in about an hour I’ll be in Vancouver. I think I might skip out on the coffee onboard and wait till we arrive. That way I can sit down, drink a cuppa and get my bearings. I still can’t believe that I’m actually in BC. After years of telling myself I’d come for a visit I finally lit the fire under my own ass and came. It’s quite remarkable. A few months ago I wouldn’t have planned this trip. It’s funny how your priorities change when your life takes an unexpected turn in the road. Now, my road, er rail, is heading to Vancouver. We’ll see how this goes 🙂


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