My Last Night on the Train

Tonight marks my last night on The Canadian and my chance to cross off an item on my life list of things to do. I’m actually kind of sad that this journey is almost over. I’m greasy and in need of a hot shower, but I was just getting used to the routine. Plus, I had just found my favourite sleeping position.

I had run out of food today and was living off apples when my French Canadian friend Louis offered to “make” me dinner. It consisted of freeze-dried couscous and black bean soup, but it was the best damned meal I ate this entire trip. Louis only had one set of dishes though, so we scrounged through what the tiny kitchenette had to offer and ended up finding a creamer. That’s what I ended up using, but it added to the experience. “Roughing it in the bush”, so to speak.

After dinner we sat in the bubble car with our friend Henry for a bit. We couldn’t see much outside of the reach of the train’s headlight, but it was still a good way to relax after dinner. After that we caught a performance by our onboard musicians, Kate Weekes and Grant Simpson from the Yukon. I then had a nap before we stopped in Kamloops, our last station before we arrive in Vancouver in the morning.

It’s funny, I’ve been seeing the same people just seats away from me for days now and I only just learned some of their names while we were in Kamloops. Louis seems to know everyone onboard, and his name was the only one I knew. I’m so lame.

Here are some more pictures taken during our night’s festivities. I wanted to add that the picture of Louis and I is in fact in front of a window, not a mirror. I thought it looked funky so I decided to include it. Oh, and meet Henry, the gentleman in the leather vest. He hails from Cambridge, Ontario and will be taking the train back home next week.


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