Manitoba to Alberta

Right now I’m somewhere in between Edmonton and Jasper, riding the rails through yellow hills with grey trees. Would you like to guess what I just saw a herd of? Llamas. Yes, like the Peruvian kind. I couldn’t believe it myself. I’ve heard of them being kept as farm animals before but I never witnessed it. Now, somewhere in rural Alberta, I have.

The llamas weren’t my only animal sighting from the train. Shortly after we crossed the border into Saskatchewan yesterday I saw a moose. I nearly missed him because I was playing with my phone, trying to get reception, but I saw him. He was standing so still that he almost looked like one of those moose statues we have throughout Toronto. He was big, stoic, and perfectly facing the track. Unless some farmer with a bad sense of humor put him there, I can also say I saw a moose.

Within minutes of my moose sighting I saw a coyote running alongside the train. He had been startled by our approach and took off as we neared. It was quite amazing to see his white and grey figure blurring along the horizon. After him I then saw a herd of white-tailed deer. Hopefully my luck for animal sightings will keep up and I’ll see some caribou, buffalo, mountain goats and, wait for it…whales! Did I mention I’m doing a whale watching tour in three days? Sorry, don’t mean to boast. I’m just very excited to potentially see whales in the wild. Could you imagine seeing a humpback??

I wasn’t able to take many pictures between Winnipeg and Edmonton (and to be honest the stations at Saskatoon and Edmonton were a bit lackluster), but I do have a few I’ve taken from the train. So here’s my collection documenting the journey from Manitoba to Alberta. Hope you enjoy. Next stop…Jasper!!

Just a side note: Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, is the home of the world’s largest Coke can. It’s an old water tower that has been given a new life as a giant can of cola. If you look closely enough you can see it in the second picture.


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