And I’m Off…

My friend took a picture of me at the gate but it was horrible, so I’ll let whomever is reading this to use your imagination of me holding my ticket in front of the departure screen. I’m currently sitting on the train and I’ve ready made a friend. Actually, as soon as I walked up to the platform at Union Station I made a friend. His name is Louis and he’s also riding to Vancouver. Him and I took up four seats reserved for a group. Meh.

I am unbelievably scared right now. This is by far the biggest trip I’ve taken by myself and I honestly don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to act to others on the train; I don’t know what the courtesies are (as I’m writing this the chick in the seat across the aisle offered apples to people. Seriously.). I am so lost.

BUT. Being scared is good. Being in new situations is good. That’s what I need to tell myself as I embark on this journey all alone…

So, bon voyage my friends. I’ll be stopping in Winnipeg first. See you then.


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