Moose Travel Network’s Coho Tour

The last time I was on a guided coach tour I was eighteen and travelling through Italy and France with my high school friends and teachers. Now, ten years later, I will again be boarding a comfy coach to discover parts of British Columbia and Alberta that I never imagined I’d get the chance to see.

The good people at Moose Travel Network, an awesome Canadian owned and operated tour company, will be taking me on their Coho tour through Kelowna, Banff and Jasper. It’s a one-way, four day journey departing from Vancouver and ending in Banff. This fit perfectly with my itinerary as I’ll be ending my trip in Calgary in order to spend some with my dear friend Ana. Not only does this save me from having to fly from Vancouver to Calgary, but I get to see more of the West and travel with like-minded people for this leg of the journey.

Moose Travel Network’s Coho Tour

The tour begins by travelling through the Fraser Valley where I will get to see a west coast rainforest and visit Bridal Veil Falls. The first night will be spent in Kelowna where I’ll be served barbeque onboard a houseboat while we tour Okanagan Lake (so much for my on-going attempt at veganism). Maybe I’ll see Ogopogo!

After Kelowna we cross over into Alberta where in one day we will visit FOUR National Parks, with

Me at Lake Louise in August. What I’m trying to depict is “Can you believe this view?!”

the highlight being a visit to Banff, the Rockies and the glacier-fed Emerald Lake. From Banff we’ll drive up to Jasper via the Icefields Parkway, visiting Lake Louise, the Columbia Icefields, and more waterfalls along the way. Our night in Jasper will include a campfire and I’ll be on the hunt for the Northern Lights, yet another item on my bucket list to experience. Slightly freaking out inside at the possibility of seeing them for the first time! Ack!

On the last day of the tour we’ll be returning to Banff, visiting Parker Ridge, Peyto Lake and Moraine Lake on the drive back. I’ll be partying it up with my fellow travellers in Banff this evening, most likely toasting to an awesome tour and wicked people.

After my Coho ends I’ll be spending a few days in Banff, staying with my friends at Samesun Backpackers and hopefully meeting up with a high school friend who immigrated to Edmonton (yes, immigrated…who moves from Toronto to Edmonton?? Sorry Devon!).

Can. Not. Wait.



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