A Life Changing Train Ride

As I mentioned in my previous post, taking the train across the country has been a dream of mine for a very, very long time. It might just be what I’m looking forward to the most about this trip. Train travel is underrated. Think of it — in just four days you get to see almost every province in this country, a multitude of landscapes, numerous cities…all with the convenience of WiFi.

VIA Rail routes. The red line shows the route of the Canadian.

I think the main reason I’m looking forward to this part of my journey is the solitude it’ll give me. I’ll have four days to myself with no distractions. Maybe the rolling prairies will inspire me to actually start writing that damned novel that’s been stuck in my head for years. It’s also the most ballsy thing I would have done to date. I’ve travelled solo before, but I don’t think flying back home alone after a vacation with family really counts.

This is my first GENUINE solo trip.

I’m excited and anxious but feeling intrepid. After the past few months I definitely need this time to reflect. I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking on this train ride, I can tell you that right now. I have a lot of figuring out to do at this point in my life — Who I am as an individual? Where am I going and how can I grow? How does one find happiness after heartbreak? Yaaaa…I’m feeling very introspective right now, can’t you tell?

Enough of this morose crap…this is a travelog. Although I must warn you, those mountains do something to me so there may be more “feelings” shared in future posts. The silent giants inspire and muse. This train ride should definitely be life-changing.


2 thoughts on “A Life Changing Train Ride

  1. I’m so excited for you- you’re going to have an AMAZING time. The train is awesome- make sure you’re in the bubble car between Jasper and Vancouver! It’s breathtaking. I’m glad you’ll be blogging about your journeys so we can all travel with you! xo

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